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Frequently asked questions - Master's application

Dear applicants,

on this page you will find some important questions with answers that are frequently asked when applying for a Master's programme.

Click your way through! If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Master Service of the University of Applied Sciences Jena

We are looking forward to your application and wish you good luck and success!

Before application

The application takes place exclusively online via our application portal. Depending on the course of study, you will be asked various questions for which you may also have to upload evidence in electronic form (PDF format). 

Important: Therefore, please have all relevant documents regarding your educational background ready in PDF format before you apply electronically via the application portal.

You will then apply with a grade printout that lists a preliminary final grade. The grade will automatically appear on your grade printout once you have passed all module exams and all grades have been posted by the Examinations Office. Students from other universities should contact their respective examination offices.

Important Notes:
a) Check your grade printout in time and make sure that all grades are listed and everything is recognized (e.g. an internship).
b) Also talk to the professors with whom you took the exams about this. Inform them that you want to continue in the Master's program and what documents you need for the application.
c) Also talk to the staff in the relevant examination office about your plans and make every effort to clarify any problems that may exist before the application deadline.

If you apply with a provisional final grade, the final result of the bachelor's degree remains unaffected. Whether your grade gets worse or better will no longer affect the application process.

Then you should do everything you can to submit your Bachelor's thesis in good time - at least 2 months before the application deadline for the relevant Master's degree program - so that your Bachelor's degree has been fully completed (including colloquium if applicable) by the time you apply and the overall grade can be seen on your transcript of records.

Important notes:
a) Talk to your Bachelor's thesis supervisors in good time about the fact that you would like to apply for the Master's program.
b) Please note the time required by the supervising professors to correct your Bachelor's thesis and, if applicable, the date of the colloquium.

Here you will find document checklists for consecutive Master's degree programmes.

In addition, you will find a checklist with all documents on the last page of the application for admission to the Master's programme.

On the respective study programme page, under the menu item "Application" and then "Requirements", you will find the valid admission requirements for the respective Master's study programme. The main criterion in all Master's programmes is, among other things, the overall grade of the Bachelor's degree, or the preliminary grade.

Important information:
Find out about the admission requirements in good time. Below you will find the links to each Master's programme sorted by the semester in which the programme begins.

Enrolment in summer and winter semester

Enrollment in summer semester

Enrollment in winter semester

Once you have applied online, you will receive an automatic acknowledgement of receipt by email. This will tell you how to log in to the online application portal using your applicant number and date of birth ( to check the status of your application. Furthermore, an acknowledgement of receipt will also be sent to you after your application has been received by post, informing you of any missing documents, if applicable.

Important information: You can submit missing application documents to us no later than the application deadline. Documents submitted after this date cannot be considered in the selection procedure.

A letter of motivation is an essential part of the assessment of your application for some Master's degree programs.  You should therefore clearly highlight your particular aptitude for a specific Master's degree program in a letter of motivation.  From this letter, the members of the selection committee can find out what motivated you to choose this degree program, what previous experience or knowledge you have and what your expectations are.

Here are a few important tips for your letter of motivation:


It should go without saying that the letter of motivation must be as stylistically and grammatically perfect as possible. We therefore strongly recommend that you check and cross-read your letter of motivation several times.


1 to 2 pages with short and concise sentences. 

Content - The following questions can be addressed in a letter of motivation:

  1. What is your career goal?
  2. Why do you want to apply for this particular Master's program?
  3. What content of the Master's program appeals to you and how does it relate to your career goal?
  4. What qualifications (e.g. internships, academic achievements, biographical experiences) do you have that will help you to successfully study or complete this particular Master's degree program?
  5. With regard to your previous involvement with the subject: In your opinion, what are the most important professional insights that you have gained so far in your involvement with this particular subject? Explain these briefly and concisely.
  6. With regard to your expectations in the Master's program: Which questions and contents would you like to deal with particularly intensively in the Master's program? Please do not list the desired study focus here, but formulate content-related questions.


The letter of motivation is a letter written by the applicant himself/herself to explain his/her interest in a place on a degree program. The letter of motivation is an important part of an application because, unlike a letter of recommendation, it comes from the applicant him/herself and is therefore the best way to assess the applicant. It should therefore be formulated very carefully and with the utmost care.

After the application

This depends on the particular study program. Some selection committees meet regularly during the application period and communicate their decision - others wait until the application deadline and applications are not processed until then. If you need urgent feedback, please contact us:

This means that you have applied with a preliminary final grade and your bachelor's degree was not completed at the time of application. It also means that you must meet a condition before you can matriculate or enroll in the master's program you want. The condition in this case is that you fully complete your bachelor's degree by April 30 in the summer semester and by October 30 in the winter semester.

You must provide us with proof of successful completion of your bachelor's degree by that time. This can be a certified copy of your bachelor's degree certificate and transcript, or if the transcript is not available at that time:
a. A grade printout showing your overall grade, or
b. A confirmation from your supervising professor that you have passed your bachelor's degree examination.

Important Notes:
Exceeding the enrollment deadline will result in withdrawal of conditional admission. Therefore:
a) Do everything possible to meet the matriculation deadline and to submit the necessary documents to us later.
b) Talk to your university or company supervisors in good time about the need to meet this deadline.
c) Try to hand in your Bachelor thesis early (correction time) and - if applicable - arrange a date for the colloquium with your supervisors in good time.

This means that your Bachelor's degree does not include the required number of ECTS and that you must successfully complete subjects worth XX ECTS credits during your Master's degree. You will receive more detailed information about the special study plan in writing in your admission letter.

Important information:
a) Ask the professor in charge in time when you have to successfully complete the requirements.
b) Try not to neglect the subjects in your Master's program while completing the special study plan.

You have the possibility to file an objection within one month after notification in writing or orally for recording at the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena, represented by the rector of the Ernst-Abbe- Hochschule Jena, Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 2, 07745 Jena. You should explain why you cannot understand the rejection. The appeal should include a date as well as your signature. An e-mail will not be accepted.

You will need the following documents:
a) Proof of completion of Bachelor's degree (Bachelor's degree certificate or corresponding certificate)
b) Copy of exmatriculation certificate(s) (from EAH or your university)
c) Proof of payment of semester fees (proof of re-registration or new payment in the form of a copy of the account statement)
d) Proof of health insurance (electronic health insurance notification)
e) Completed and signed application for enrollment (you will receive this by email after admission).

Important information for graduates of EAH Jena:

  • Please note: If you do not complete module exams, your Bachelor thesis or the colloquium until the next semester, you must re-register for the Bachelor program. You can only apply for de-registration from your Bachelor program upon completion of the Bachelor program.
  • You can prove the payment of the semester fee as a Bachelor student of EAH Jena by re-registering; the semester fee paid by re-registering is also valid for the Master program.

A semester fee deferral allows you to defer payment of the semester fee (re-registration) for the following semester (winter or summer semester) until the end of the current semester (March 31 / September 30) at the latest. It is usually used if you are in the last semester of your Bachelor's program and are applying for a Master's program, but are not sure if you will be admitted to the desired Master's program. You will pay the semester fee for the upcoming semester only after you have been requested to do so in the admission letter for the master's program. Please send an email to the Master Service if you wish to defer payment of the re-registration fee.

Important note for graduates of EAH Jena:
If you already know that you will not be able to hand in your Bachelor thesis in the current semester, but only in the following semester, and that the colloquium may also not take place in the current semester, but only in the following semester, please re-register. The paid semester fee (re-registration) also applies to the Master's program.

The enrollment deadline for Master's degree programs is April 30 for the summer semester and October 30 for the winter semester.

You are welcome to contact the Master Service of the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena.
Please feel free to use our office hours (office 01.00.10):

  • Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
  • Thursdays from 13:00 to 15:00 o'clock

Outside office hours, please make an appointment in advance via e-mail: or phone: 03641 205 156 or -151.