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study abroad

The best-known form of studying abroad for one to two semesters is realized with the help of the ERASMUS+ program. Within the framework of this EU program, students are sent to partner universities of the EAH Jena. You can find more information about this under Erasmus+.

There is also the possibility to participate in exchange programs with international partner universities. You can find more information and overviews under partner universities. Information events are regularly held in the faculties. As tuition fees are usually waived or reduced in exchange programmes, exchange numbers vary from year to year and selection competitions are held in particularly sought-after exchange programmes. Often there must also be incoming students at the EAH in order to be allowed to send outgoing students to partner universities (reciprocity).

Due to current events and the security situation in many countries of the world, the university management would like to centrally register all students of the university who are carrying out a study-related stay abroad (study, internship, language course, etc.) in the future. This registration is voluntary on the part of the students. The aim of this measure is to be able to inform or react in an emergency. After the return the entries will be deleted. We kindly ask you to fill in the form for recording the data.

The DAAD has summarized safety instructions here.

In connection with the Covid 19 pandemic, please inform yourself in good time before travelling on the website of the Federal Foreign Office about the travel and safety advice and regulations of the country you are travelling to. Please take travel warnings seriously.

German nationals are advised to register in the "Elefand" crisis precaution list of the Federal Foreign Office, irrespective of the country and the duration of their stay abroad, and to deregister when they leave the country. All information from the Federal Foreign Office for your safe journey abroad is available in a free app.

More information, e.g. also on funding opportunities, calls for tenders can be found below under Links.

  • Careful preparation, usually about 1 year before the start of the stay.
  • Determination of the exact time and duration of the stay abroad
  • Decision on individual planning or participation in certain programmes (e.g. Erasmus+, CDHAW)
  • Decision on full- or part-time study
  • Decision on re-registration/leave of absence during the stay abroad (Please contact the Student Secretariat for this).

  • Language skills at a high level (usually proof is required).
  • Financial security (please note the funding opportunities).
  • Depending on the destination country: visa, vaccinations, insurance cover (The pages of the German Foreign Office provide detailed information on this).
  • A valid passport/identity card (depending on the destination country)
  • Personal commitment and stamina

  • Obtain information about the higher education system of the destination country.
  • Gather information about the desired target university (Please also note the university partnerships of the EAH Jena and the university partnerships within the Erasmus+ programme).
  • Find out about financing possibilities
  • Find out application deadlines and admission requirements
  • Prepare and send application documents for the host university
  • Organise accommodation
  • Clarify health requirements
  • Check insurance coverage
  • Clarify travel arrangements (flight tickets, airport transfer, possibly hotel/hostel)
  • Re-registration or leave of absence at the Student Administration Office
  • Recognition of foreign academic achievements at the EAH Jena (Enquire at the examination offices.)



Dr. Danny von Nordheim
Leitung Akademisches Auslandsamt
  • 01.00.12