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Precision systems

The development and efficient design of these systems with a view to specific applications are at the centre of this research focus. The spectrum ranges from microsystems technology to information and communication technology and mechatronics to sensor technology.


Information and Communication Technology

In this research area we deal specifically with electronics for space applications. The conditions prevailing there - extreme temperature changes, vacuum and not least cosmic radiation - place special demands on electronic components.

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Burkart Voß (Mail:, Tel.: +49 (0) 3641 205-731)

Spectral-optical sensor technology

In the field of spectral-optical sensor technology, spectrometers are developed that can resolve the light of the observed object with accuracies that are in the range of a few nanometres or even in the sub-nanometre range. In addition, it is usually essential to leave the visible spectral range and use much longer or shorter wavelengths, such as the infrared and ultraviolet range, which are inaccessible to the human eye. Prof. Brunner's research group is working on various aspects of developing new concepts for spectroscopic systems, in particular to significantly improve their efficiency and optical properties.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Robert Brunner (Mail:, Tel.: +49 (0) 3641 205-352)

Systems engineering and systems integration

In line with the focus of companies in the Jena area towards optical and opto-electronic products and the general development towards complex integrated systems, research topics on the design, verification, testing and characterisation of these systems are dealt with at Ernst Abbe University. In 2010 the university established the Institute for Integrated Systems within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jürgen Kampe (Mail:​, Tel.: +49 (0) 3641 205-788)

Control technology

One of the central topics of Industry 4.0 is the independent cooperation of machines in the production process. Control engineering provides an important basis for this by means of numerous methods for automatically influencing technical and non-technical processes. It can therefore be found as a cross-sectional discipline in numerous application areas. Examples include energy technology, aerospace, medical technology and process engineering.

Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Peter Döge (Mail:​, Tel.: +49 (0) 3641 205-712)


Mechatronics deals with the interdisciplinary interaction of mechanical, electronic and information technology elements and modules in mechatronic systems. The term mechatronics is closely related to electromechanics, precision engineering, microsystems technology and adaptronics.

​​​Contact: Professor Dr.-Ing. Grabow (Mail:, Tel.: +49 (0) 3641 205-319)