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Mission Statement

The mission statement stands for our self-image, our common tasks and goals at University of Applied Sciences Jena. It serves us as orientation in our daily activities at the university as well as a basis for strategic decisions.

We are a cosmopolitan university that promotes diversity of opinion and individuality on the basis of respect and tolerance and opposes anti-democratic and discriminatory efforts. We promote international exchange with our teaching programs as well as in worldwide scientific cooperation.   

We respect all people equally, we stand for the observance of human rights, equality of opportunity and family justice as well as for sustainability in responsibility for future generations.

We actively work to reduce inequalities of opportunity and barriers to participation. Our principle is that all people have the same right to participate, regardless of their cultural and social background, gender, religion or belief, mental or physical disability, age, marital status, gender identity or sexual orientation. All members of the university are supported in further developing and contributing their individual abilities.

We thus promote equality in study, teaching and further education, research and transfer, administration and general campus life.

Our slogan is "Befähigen, bewegen, gestalten – Gemeinsam." in German and "Enabling, moving, creating – Together." in English.

Teaching at University of Applied Sciences Jena is modern, academically demanding and practice-oriented. To this end, we provide an appropriate infrastructure that is constantly being improved.

We understand teaching and learning as self-determined and self-responsible processes. The courses offered at University of Applied Sciences Jena guarantee inclination and practice-oriented preparation for later professional life.  In doing so, we consider the motivation of students and teachers as a fundamental prerequisite for high-quality and successful teaching.

In addition to the professional education, we support the personality development and the sense of social responsibility of our students.

As a university of applied sciences, we make contributions primarily in applied research and development. We understand digitization with its potential impact in all areas of life and work as an overarching topic.

Concentrating on the focal areas of "Precision Systems", "Technologies and Materials", and "Health and Sustainability" sharpens the profile of University of Applied Sciences Jena while providing sufficient room for individual freedom in research.

We provide broad-based institutional support for research activities of varying degrees to ensure the necessary balance between teaching and research responsibilities.

We integrate students in our research activities and use current research results in teaching.

We understand transfer as the mutual and partnership-based exchange of information, knowledge or people with business, society, public administration and with internal interest groups. In addition to the exploitation of research and development results, our transfer activities also include training and continuing education.

We actively participate in shaping social and technical change. We position our university as an attractive contact point for partners from business, science, public administration and society.

At the same time, we always take on board external impulses and respond flexibly to the changing needs of business and society in research and teaching. As a regional driver of innovation, we are developing into a start-up-friendly university.

We understand an organizational structure adapted to the needs and goals of the University of Applied Sciences Jena as an important prerequisite for the fulfillment of our tasks in teaching, research and transfer. In doing so, a balance must be ensured between the tasks as a sovereign authority on the one hand and the guarantee of freedom of teaching, research, science and study on the other.  

Our organization is characterized by a high level of service orientation, goal-oriented communication as well as appreciation and participation. Transparent decision-making processes and a clear division of tasks, networking and trust are natural elements of our daily work. 

We are developing our university into an attractive employer characterized by family-friendliness and healthy working conditions.