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Study in Europe with ERASMUS+

For 36 years now, the European Union has been offering a wide range of opportunities for mobility in European and international educational cooperation through ERASMUS+. Ernst Abbe University Jena has also been part of the ERASMUS network with partner universities in 19 different countries for a long time. We have once again been awarded the Charter for Higher Education (ECHE 2021-2027), under which we have anchored our internationalization strategy in the ERASMUS Policy Statement (EPS ), allowing us to send students, faculty and staff to our partner universities as "outgoers" as well as to receive "incomers" from our contractual partners. The European Union supports these mobilities financially through ERASMUS grants according to predefined country flat rates plus special top-up amounts. In addition, tuition fees at the host universities are waived.

Your entitlements as a student, but also your duties and obligations, have also been laid down in a charter - the ERASMUS Student Charter.

If you are interested in spending one or two semesters at a university in another EU country, the Akademische Auslandsamt | International Office (AAA | IO) of the EAH will accompany you from the first consultation to your experience report. You can go abroad with ERASMUS for your Bachelor's or Master's degree, but also for your doctorate. Nothing suitable found? - If necessary, we try to expand existing cooperations or create new ones. Please contact us!

Before, during, after - The process of your ERASMUS+ stay:

Before the ERASMUS study

If you are interested in studying abroad in Europe through the Erasmus+ program, you can first consult the Table of ERASMUS+ Partner Universities to get an overview of the possibilities in your department. Afterwards, seek timely discussion with the AAA | IO as well as with the ERASMUS coordinator of your department , because offers and requirements can change from year to year. Some EAH departments also offer internal information events on study opportunities abroad.

You must make sure that your chosen university in the target country offers courses with sufficient ECTS that are recognized at the EAH. In addition, you must of course have sufficient knowledge of the language of instruction to be able to follow the teaching. In rare cases, partner universities require official language tests, such as TOEFL, as proof. However, the language of instruction is not necessarily the national language, which is why we would like to encourage you to think outside the "English-speaking box".

Once your priority list has been determined, please send it together with the other application documents to the AAA | IO (and to your ERASMUS+ subject coordinator) no later than January 15 for the upcoming winter semester or July 15 for the summer semester. Other application documents include:

  • Curriculum Vitae in tabular form
  • Letter of Motivation in English or in the national or working language of the host country
  • Proof of sufficient knowledge of this language (usually B1)
  • Grade overview in English

Please note that there may be a different procedure within the department: For example, your ERASMUS+ subject coordinator usually decides on your placement for this program, which is why you must have applied to him/her beforehand.

If you have applied in time and completely, and if we have the acceptance of your subject coordinator, we can nominate you at your ERASMUS+ university of choice. The nomination takes place from university to university at different times and in different ways.

After your successful nomination on our part, you have to apply independently to your ERASMUS university of choice. The application procedure varies from university to university and is bound to different deadlines: Some institutions work with internal or external application portals, others only require a conventional application form with various attachments (e.g. tab. CV, Letter of Motivation, copy of ID/passport, overview of subjects and grades, draft Learning Agreement). In most cases, you will already receive details on the application process with the nomination confirmation. Nevertheless, it makes sense to inform yourself in advance about the administrative procedure on the ERASMUS website of your future host university!

After a successful application, you will usually receive a Letter ofAcceptance from the target university, which contains the semester dates that are important for the Learning Agreement and the Grant Agreement. Therefore, please forward this document to the AAA | IO immediately. If you have not received such a document, there is an EAH-owned template (Letter of Confirmation-at the beginning of the study visit) which you should fill out and send to us by the target university at the latest at the beginning of your stay.

With the letter of confirmation from your host university, you will usually also receive information about finding accommodation, travel, introductory events or language courses. Please note the relevant deadlines and contact the International Office on site if you have any questions - they will be happy to help you!

The Learning Agreement (LA) is a learning agreement that contractually regulates the recognition of courses taken abroad. The mutual recognition of study achievements is an elementary principle of ERASMUS. As of this year, 2023, the LA must be created online and is therefore called OLA. The registration is done on the OLA website where you can also find an instruction video and various FAQs. Depending on the destination university, the OLA must be submitted within two weeks of acceptance, or at the latest upon departure, as it is mandatory for the Grant Agreement.

In order to create an OLA account, you must first register on "MyAcademicID". Among the master data to be entered on the OLA page is the "Field of Education". Here you need to enter the "ISCED-F-2013 code" of your field. The "Sending Responsible Person" is the ERASMUS coordinator of your department, the "Administrative Contact Person" is the head of the AAA | IO Dr. Danny von Nordheim. The semester dates of the host university are also important to determine your length of stay.

In "Table A" and "Table B" you enter the courses you want to take abroad and those you want to substitute here. You should have studied the course catalog of your target university in advance and discussed possible constellations with your subject coordinator. If necessary, you may also need to consult with the relevant examination office. A total of 15 to 30 ECTS should be recognized. You can find the required EAH course numbers in the module catalog of your department or in the SelfService. The OLA will be digitally signed at the end by you, your subject coordinator and the "Responsible Person" of the target university.

The OLA can still be changed during your ERASMUS stay, e.g. if a course is not offered after all, but must then be signed again in triplicate.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IAAA | IO. The OLA can be viewed by us online, which enables us to check the data and recognize the respective status. If necessary, we will create an account for your subject coordinators so that they can check and sign your OLA.

The Grant Agreement is the agreement that governs funding for students through the ERASMUS program by the EAH. It is created as soon as the OLA is ready. Based on the semester dates in your "Letter of Acceptance" or "Letter of Confirmation", i.e. the Letter of Admission from your target university, your length of stay and accordingly your ERASMUS grant will be calculated in the Grant Agreement. The scholarship is determined based on predetermined country lump sums within the limits of available funds. In addition, there are recently special top-ups for "green travel" and for persons with "fewer opportunities "(with disabilities/chronic illness, with child(ren), first-time graduates and employed persons). You must confirm that one or more of these "top-ups" apply to you by means of a signed sworn statement.

You will receive the draft of your grant agreement as a prepared form, which you complete and digitally sign. It must then be signed by the Chancellor of EAH Jena. At the end, you will receive the complete document back.

The payment of the mobility grant will be made in 2 installments (70%, 30%) and is bound to certain conditions. You will receive the last installment only after all obligatory documents in the AAA | IO (Letter of Confirmation-at the end of the study stay, Transcript of Records, Experience Report etc.) have been received. If you do not fulfill your obligations as an ERASMUS student, this may even result in a demand for repayment.

In addition to the ERASMUS grant, we recommend that you apply for Auslands-BAFöG (for this you will also need the letter of admission from the host university as well as the completed grant agreement). Of course, you can also apply for other scholarships, but often they are offset against each other, so you will not benefit in the end.

Please also sign the Security Statement!

During the ERASMUS study

To prove that you have started your ERASMUS stay, we need a Certificate of Arrival from you no later than four weeks after your official enrollment. This can be obtained from the International Office of the host university. Alternatively, a scan of your enrollment certificate or student ID is sufficient. If the letter of admission from your host university already contains specific information about the semester period, the Certificate of Arrival can be waived.

If the courses you wanted to take change, you must adjust your OLA. Again, the change must be signed out in triplicate.

After the ERASMUS study

To prove the actual duration of your stay, we need a second letter of confirmation from you. You can have this confirmation filled out again by the host university. Based on the duration of your stay, your ERASMUS grant will be finally calculated.

After you have participated in the examinations of your host university, you will receive a certificate, the Transcript of Records, in which your completed courses are listed together with your grade and ECTS points. Please forward the transcript to the AAA | IO in a timely manner.

You must submit a detailed experience report to the AAA | IO by April 30 at the latest (for the winter semester abroad) or September 30 (for the summer semester/two semesters abroad). Other students will be grateful for these personal insights into your ERASMUS year. Please use this template for the report and also fill out the statement for usewhile you are at it. Please also note the Info sheet on the processing of personal data by the EAH.

For the EU-survey you will receive an automatically generated email with a personalized link shortly after the end of your stay abroad (Please check your spam folder!). This email comes from the so-called Beneficiary Module, a platform where we have entered your data after admission. After completing the questionnaire, which should be done no later than 30 days after the end of your mobility, you will receive the second scholarship installment within 45 days. Please let us know when you have completed the survey so that we can trigger the payment in time. By the time you receive the money, you should also have submitted your experience report and all other necessary documents.

The following abbreviations are used to identify EAH Jena:

Code EAH Jena:D JENA02
University Coordinator:Dr. Danny von Nordheim