Residence permit

International students whose countries of origin do not belong to the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) require a residence permit for the duration of their studies. This can be applied for and extended at the responsible foreigners authority. The foreigners authority of the city or district in which you are registered with your main residence is always responsible.

The residence permit is issued by the foreigners authority for a specific purpose. International students usually receive a residence permit with the purpose "study" according to §16b Residence Act (AufenthG).

If you entered Germany with a visa, you must report to the responsible foreigners authority before the visa expires and apply for a residence permit. If you were allowed to enter Germany without a visa, you must report to the responsible foreigners authority before the expiration of a period of 90 days.

    In Germany, registration is compulsory. This means that you must register in the city in which you have your usual place of residence. In Jena, the so-called "Bürgerservice" (registry office) is responsible for registration. First, an appointment must be made online. However, especially at the beginning of the semester, there is often a backlog of appointments. Therefore, make the appointment as early as possible, as the registration at the registry office is the starting point for all further steps.

    Required documents:

    • Passport or ID card
    • Rental agreement
    • Landlord certificate

    To the appointment

    Appointment at the Foreigners' Registration Office Jena ("Ausländerbehörde Jena")

    Before visiting the Foreigners' Registration Office ("Ausländerbehörde") in Jena, you must first make an appointment. When entering the data, make sure that you write your name exactly as it appears in your passport. If not, the Foreigners' Registration Office cannot find the name in the city's register of residents and the appointment will be deleted. Together with the appointment confirmation you will receive an appointment ID. Half an hour before the appointment, log in at the registration terminal of the Foreigners' Registration Office with the appointment ID.

    To the appointment

    If you are not registered in Jena, please find out which foreigners authority is responsible for you. Within Thuringia, the communal guidepost of the special service for integration will help you. Click on the city or district on the map. You will then receive information on the responsible foreigners authority.

    If the entry visa or residence permit already expires before the appointment, then the appointment confirmation of the Foreigners' Registration Office Jena is considered a provisional residence permit ("Fiktionsbescheinigung"). You will receive the appointment confirmation from the Foreigners' Registration Office Jena by email after you have booked the appointment and confirmed it on your part. However, this provisional residence permit is only valid in Germany and bridges the time until the appointment. If you want to leave Germany in the period up to the appointment, when your visa or residence permit has already expired, and enter again later, you will need a re-entry certificate from the Foreigners' Registration Office Jena. In this case, please contact the Foreigners' Registration Office Jena by email.

    Note: The procedure described above applies to the Foreigners' Registration Office in Jena. This does not have to be the same everywhere in Germany.

    You must bring the following documents to the appointment at the Foreigners' Registration Office in Jena:

    • completed application form
    • passport
    • a biometric passport photo (format 35 x 45 mm)
    • certificate of registration from the registry office
    • rental agreement
    • proof of health insurance
    • THOSKA or temporary student card
    • certificate of enrolment
    • proof of the type of financing of the studies (e.g. declaration of commitment, proof of scholarship, blocked account, bank statement, etc.)
    • EUR 100.00 for the initial issuance of the residence permit

    Letter of recommendation ("Studienprognose") for the extension of the residence permit

    The Foreigners' Registration Office may require a recommendation letter ("Studienprognose") when you apply for an extension of your residence permit. The recommendation letter is usually required if you exceed the standard period of study of the course in which you are enrolled. After considering all the circumstances, the Foreigners' Registration Office decides whether and for how long your residence will be extended.

      The recommendation letter is issued upon request. It contains information about:

      • your ECTS points earned so far
      • individual reasons for the delay in your studies (if applicable)
      • the expected further duration of your studies, taking into account your individual situation

      Students of the University of Applied Sciences Jena request their recommendation letter from the accademic advisor* of their study programme. Please send the following documents to the accademic advisor in charge by email in good time:

      • signed form sheet for the recommendation letter
      • current and complete overview of grades - you can obtain this either from the University's self-service portal (overview of grades and subjects) or from the responsible examination office
      • Copy of passport and residence permit (incl. supplementary sheet)

      *Exception: Students of the Master's programme Scientific Instrumentation request their recommendation letter from Dr. Schlegel of the Internship Office. Please read the instructions on the intranet of the SciTec department.

      The issuing of the recommendation letter can take up to 4 weeks. Therefore, please contact your accademic advisor in good time before the appointment at the Foreigners' Registration Office. If you do not receive the recommendation letter in time for the appointment at the Foreigners' Registration Office, you can always submit it later. Do not cancel your appointment with the Foreigners' Registration Office under any circumstances!