Termination of studies

General information on de-registration

With the exmatriculation, the studies and thus the membership at the Ernst Abbe University Jena is terminated (see Thuringian Higher Education Act § 75).

There are various reasons for this: termination of studies, transfer to another university, dropping out or even interruption of studies. For all these cases it is necessary to apply for exmatriculation.

There are 2 types of exmatriculation: proper exmatriculation upon application or exmatriculation ex officio.

Proper de-registration

Application deadline: The application for exmatriculation can be submitted immediately after the colloquium or, in the case of programs without a colloquium, after the submission of the thesis.

The exmatriculation date can be determined by the graduate. The earliest date is the day after the submission of the Bachelor's or Master's thesis or the day after the colloquium, the latest date is the end of the semester. The THOSKA remains in the possession of the graduate. The semester ticket can no longer be used on the day of exmatriculation; access authorisations to the premises of the EAH Jena are blocked.

After the successful de-registration, the student's health insurance company will be informed by the Student Secretariat of the termination of membership at EAH Jena.

The application for de-registration remains at EAH Jena. The routing slip is forwarded by the Student Secretariat to the Examination Office. Only then can the student receive the Bachelor's or Master's certificate.

Please inform the relevant offices (BAföG office, child benefit office, employment agency) independently about your exmatriculation and hand in a copy of the exmatriculation certificate. Please always keep the original in your possession for possible later inquiries.

For proper exmatriculation at the student's own request (e.g. due to a change of university or discontinuation of studies), an exmatriculation application must also be submitted. The student secretariat then carries out the administrative exmatriculation and the student is issued an exmatriculation certificate as proof of the period of study.

Please inform the relevant offices (BAföG office, child benefit office, employment agency) about your exmatriculation on your own and hand in a copy of the exmatriculation certificate. Please always keep the original in your possession for possible later inquiries.

Students who wish to transfer to the consecutive Master's program immediately after their Bachelor's program, please apply for de-registration from their first degree program, just like any other graduate upon successful completion. They will go through the same procedure as indicated above (docket, application, etc.).

Only then will they be eligible to matriculate into the master's program by providing proof of successful graduation and presenting the master's admission. The processes of de-registration from the Bachelor's program and enrollment in the Master's program should take place on the same day, if possible.

If the certificate has not yet been made available, a printout of the grades issued by the Examinations Office with the overall grade of the first degree program or a confirmation from the supervisors that the thesis (and, if applicable, the colloquium) has been passed with "at least sufficient" is also sufficient in advance.

The transfer of the semester fee for the Master's program may already have been made through the re-registration.

Important note

If the first degree program has not been successfully completed by the start of the Master's program, only the re-registration into the Bachelor's program still in progress will be carried out for the time being. Enrollment in the master's program will not take place until proof of completion of the bachelor's degree can be provided. However, in consultation with the responsible persons in the department, it may be possible to participate in the courses of the Master's program that may already be in progress (without enrollment in the Master's program and without any examination entitlements for the Master's program).

Late enrollment in the Master's program after the enrollment deadline (30.10. in the winter semester and 30.04. in the summer semester) can only take place in exceptional cases after a previously requested deadline extension and approval by the Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Continuing Education.

Applicants who wish to apply for deletion of their enrollment due to admission to another university or for other reasons must submit the application for deletion as well as the application for refund by30.09. (WiSe) or 31.03. (SoSe ) at the latest.

In this case, there will be no de-registration, but a deletion of the data record. These applicants will be refunded their semester fees minus € 25.00 deletion fees. Applications received later cannot be processed. In this case, the applicant will be de-registered and the semester fee will not be refunded.

Applicants who have not yet been enrolled, but have submitted all application documents and transferred the semester fee, and who decide against enrollment at EAH Jena, must also submit the application for deletion as well as the application for refund. They will receive a full refund of the semester fee. No deletion fee is due.

Only when you have duly applied for exmatriculation will you receive an exmatriculation certificate, which contains, among other things, a summary of your periods of study at Ernst Abbe University as well as important status characteristics. This certificate is important for various offices, e.g. the pension insurance, but also other universities, the BAföG office, employers or the child benefit office.

Exmatriculation ex officio

If the deadline for re-registration or payment has not been met correctly or if there is a re-registration block, automatic re-registration for the new semester cannot take place. The affected students will receive a new request for re-registration by e-mail if no re-registration has taken place after the deadline for re-registration has expired. After the re-registration deadline has expired, an additional late fee of €25.00 will be due.

If the student has neither re-registered nor applied for exmatriculation, exmatriculation will take place ex officio at the beginning of the lecture period at the end of the last re-registration semester 31.03. (WiSe) or 30.09. (SoSe) as the exmatriculation date.

If there are reasons for a subject-related exmatriculation (e.g. final failed exam), you will be informed by your responsible examination office and have 1 month to appeal.

If you do not file an objection within this period, the Registrar's Office will be informed by the Examination Office and will exmatriculate the students concerned.

If you are planning to change your course of study or university in this context, please seek advice from the Central Student Advisory Service or the Student Secretariat. In this case, you can also apply for exmatriculation before the expiry of the objection deadlines, but the reason for exmatriculation "Termination after final failed examination" will be retained.

If you do not apply for exmatriculation yourself, but are exmatriculated ex officio, you would still only receive the above-mentioned certificates upon (subsequent) application. We therefore expressly recommend that you formally apply for exmatriculation in advance.

Refund of the semester fee / long-term tuition fees

A refund of the semester fee will be granted upon application in the case of a re-registration and validation of the thoska in the previous semester for the coming semester that has already taken place prior to exmatriculation, if the application for refund was submitted to the Student Secretariat at EAH Jena within 10 days after the start of the semester(10.04. or 10.10.). In this case, the thoska must be submitted as proof of non-validation. The examination performance must nevertheless have been completed by 31.03. (summer semester) or 30.09. (winter semester).

Students who have paid long-term tuition fees have the option of reclaiming the long-term tuition fee already paid upon successful completion of their studies by 30.04 . or 31.10. of the new semester at the latest upon application. The semester fee already paid cannot be transferred back, as there was a re-registration in this semester.


Please note that from the day of the requested exmatriculation date , the semester ticket can no longer be used.

In addition, there is no longer access to the student accounts (e.g. e-mail, SelfService with grade overviews and study certificates, etc.). Therefore, please back up your data BEFORE de-registration.

Please use up your thoska credit before exmatriculation, as this cannot be refunded in principle. Thoska (residual) credit can be credited back to your own account at the credit card machines in the main dining halls. For this, the Thoska must still be valid and the credit must be greater than € 0.23, as this amount is subject to bank charges.

important documents for de-registration

We wish you all the best and much success for your further path in life