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Structure of the University of Applied Sciences Jena

This page provides an overview of the organizational structure of University of Applied Sciences Jena. This includes the set-up of the university management, the committees and interest groups, the departments, the service areas, service centers, staff positions and units as well as the internship and examination offices.


Senate Committees

Study committee
Research committee
Budget committee
Library committee
IT committee

University Management

Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Continuing Education
Vice President for Research and Development

Service Areas

Service Centres

Service Centre for Studies and Student Advice
Service Centre for University Didactics and Teaching Support

Staff Positions

University development and quality management
Legal department
Marketing and communication
Presidential office

Administrative Departments

1: Personnel department
2: Budget, procurement, inventory department
3: Library, archive and patent system
4: Department for technology, real estate, construction and safety

Internship and Examination Offices

Internship offices
Examination offices


Interest Groups

Staff council
Equal Opportunity Advisory Board
Representative for Individuals with Disabilities
Authorised persons