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Information on patents and industrial property protection

On the website of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DMPA) you can

  • find all important and current information about patents, industrial property, trademarks and designs
  • learn how to register patents
  • find out which patent attorneys there are and how you can effectively search for trademarks, patents or designs.

Research in the Internet (free databases)

Espacenet is the database of the European Patent Office and includes patents from all over the world. The search language is English, but there are also patent collections that can be searched in full text in German, English or French. Description and claims can be machine translated.

DEPATISnet is the database of the German Patent and Trademark Office. Worldwide patents are also indexed in this database. Patents can be searched in original languages. Patents can be searched for in the original languages. The database offers basic searches and, for experienced users, expert or IKOFAX searches.

The USPTO offers a patent database with two search options: basic search and advanced search.

Patentscope is the patent database of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). In addition to automatic translation tools for search results, the database also offers the option of having search queries automatically translated into different languages.