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Coaching und Führung studieren an der Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena
Foto: Inka Rodigast

Coaching and Leadership

Master of Arts, career-integrated studies

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Application for summer semester 01.12. To 28.02.

Within the past decade, coaching has become an established and sought-after instrument of human resource development. Many companies see coaches as advisors to managers who contribute to further development in personal and organisational contexts through their external, professional perspective. A large number of self-employed people now work as coaches. On the one hand, this requires a certain amount of professional experience and field competence, preferably in different fields of action, as well as a good network. The subjects of coaching can arise from the entire spectrum of professional management activities from personnel management to organisational development, as well as from personal issues, conflict resolution, work-life balance and career counselling for managers. The coach, who may be employed in a larger company, for example, will incorporate his or her knowledge and skills into personnel management and development. Coaching is becoming more and more important in the field of human resource development. Many companies see their employees as a valuable resource that needs to be nurtured and supported. In addition, the requirements for positions in management and leadership have become more complex. Small and medium-sized companies are often unable to cope with this change on their own - and are increasingly asking for external support. Coaching can start at this point and contribute to overcoming the challenges.

Successful completion of the Master's programme qualifies you for coaching as a reflection and support process on the following levels:

  • person-related (e.g. competence development of managers)
  • setting-related (e.g. individual and multi-person settings, of managers and specialists, such as teams and other work systems)
  • organisational (e.g. counselling of leaders in managing change processes and developing learning organisations)


course consulting
Prof. Dr. Erich Schäfer