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General Management at Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule University of Applied Sciences Jena
Photo: Sebastian Reuter

General Management

Master of Business Administration, career-integrated studies

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Application for winter semester 15.05. To 15.09.

In cooperation with JenALL e.V., the University of Applied Sciences Jena offers a master's degree program for engineers and other academics (including business economists) with one year of professional experience as an accredited (AQAS) continuing education program. In this MBA program, they learn several management skills, such as technical, leadership and decision-making skills, in order to strive for a corresponding management position or to advance even further in it.

Title on graduation:
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Entrace Requirements:
Suitability procedure (see application/requirements)
90 ECTS in 4 Semesters
Start of semester:
winter semester (01.10.)
subscriber fee:
11.900,00 €
Semester Fee:
59,00 € (+ 15 € einmalig für Thoska)
Language of instruction:

That makes the study programme special:

  • Offers particularly qualified academics the opportunity to continue their education in the form of a four-semester course of study.
  • Imparts theoretical and practical business knowledge that is important for taking up a senior management position
  • The target group is graduates of engineering programmes and other university graduates (including business economists) who have gained at least one year of professional practice in companies or organisations after completing their initial university education and who now hold or wish to hold a management position


course consulting
Prof. Dr. jur. Hans-Jürgen Görg
  • 05.01.70