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Social Work

Master of Arts

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Social changes and problems, as well as the resulting need for socio-political management, have led to an increasing demand for leaders in the field of social work. These leaders must meet the challenges of structuring and restructuring processes in a competent manner. Master's graduates have the opportunity to pursue the following activities, for example:

  • Research and development activities
  • activities in the higher civil service
  • leadership tasks in the fields of social work.

The Master's degree opens up a wide range of career options. For example, a career in academia is conceivable. Building on the Master's degree, a doctorate can be obtained at a university. A civil service career in the higher civil service can also be pursued with this qualification. The majority of graduates find employment in public and private social welfare institutions. The Master's degree qualifies graduates for management positions in these areas. It is conceivable, for example, to work as the head of a day-care centre, as a department head in the public sector or as an executive in social management. Typical fields of work can be found here, among others:

  • Care of the elderly
  • Working with people with mental and/or physical disabilities
  • Family assistance
  • Child and youth welfare
  • Prison service


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