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Medical Engineering

Master of Science

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Application for winter semester 15.05. To 15.07.

The Master's programme in Medical Technology has a standard period of study of four semesters. In the first three semesters, in addition to modules in mathematics and computer science, you will receive in-depth, scientifically oriented training in medical technology core areas such as medical measurement technology, medical physics and biosignal processing. In the third semester, you have the opportunity to specialise further through elective modules based on your own interests. Throughout the entire Master's programme, emphasis is placed on a strongly practice-oriented education. For example, this includes one research project per semester.

The 4th semester is devoted entirely to writing the Master's thesis. The Master's thesis is usually written in a company or in a research institution, as this gives you valuable insights into the processes of business or research. Ideally, you will also find your first permanent job after graduation.

Module overview

  • Mathematics III
  • Computer Science III
  • Technical English III
  • Medical Metrology
  • Medical Electronics I
  • Special procedures in diagnostics and therapy
  • Project work I
  • Biophysics II
  • Medical Physics
  • Medical Electronics II
  • Technical Optics
  • Biosignal Processing
  • Project work II
  • Embedded Digital Systems
  • Medical Imaging
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Project work III
  • Compulsory elective module(s)
  • Master thesis


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