Semester Schedule Exchange Students

Summer semester 2023

Dear Exchange Students,

On this page, we would like to give you important information on your exchange semester at the EAH Jena.

Organisational Matters

The academic year at the EAH Jena consists of two semesters: winter and summer semester. The academic year begins at the start of the winter semester (1 October) every year. The semesters are divided into three phases: lecture period, examination period and semester break. Exchange students have to be present during the lecture and examination period, but it is not mandatory to be present during the semester break.

Summer semester 2023

Administrative period1 April – 30 September 2023
Lecture period3 April – 15 July 2023
Days without lectures7 – 11 April 2023 (Easter and day of arrival)
1 May 2023 (Labour Day)
18 – 20 May 2023 (Ascension Day and bridging days)
27 – 30 May 2023 (Pentecost and day of arrival)
Examination period17 July – 5 August 2023
Semester break6 August – 30 September 2023

Attention: Dates are subject to change at any time due to current events. A more detailed overview of the semester dates can be found at: Semestertermine (

Enrolment takes place without your presence before the start of the semester. You need to submit the following documents to the International Office after the beginning of the semester:

  • Proof of health insurance coverage (automated procedure)
  • Proof of paid semester fee (e.g. bank statement, transfer voucher)
  • Copy of rental agreement

Please consider that your enrolment will become effective at the beginning of the summer semester on 1 April 2023. That means that you can use your semester ticket not before April. If you are going to arrive in March already, you will need to buy additional tickets for the public transportation in Jena and the region.

Health insurance coverage is compulsory in Germany. For the time of your study stay in Jena, you have to take out a health insurance policy. Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) do usually hold a European Health Insurance Card, which is also valid in Germany. You must have your health insurance recognised in Germany. For this purpose, you visit the service centre of a statutory health insurance company in Germany and present your European Health Insurance Card.

Non-citizens of the EEA are obliged to take out a statutory health insurance policy in Germany. All statutory health insurance companies in Germany charge the same basic amount for students. It amounts to around €120 per month. If you already have private health insurance or would like to take out private health insurance, you must have it recognised by a statutory health insurance company. If the private health insurance is comparable to a statutory health insurance, you will receive an "exemption from compulsory health insurance". This exemption is also recognised by the university.

In the city centre of Jena, you find branches of several statutory health insurance companies like AOK, BARMER, DAK, TK etc. Your tutor will help you finding an appropriate insurance company in Jena.

Please note: The health insurance coverage does usually start on the first day of the new semester, either April 1st or October 1st of the year.

The University of Applied Sciences Jena does not charge any tuition fees. Once per semester, every student has to pay a so-called semester fee, which amounts to EUR 261.03 for the summer semester 2023. The semester fee includes your student’s identity card as well as your semester ticket with which you can use many public transportation services in Jena and the region free of charges. You will receive information on how to pay the semester fee from your tutors after your arrival in Jena.

The semester fee consists of the following items:

Semester ticket


Student council of the University of Applied Sciences Jena


Association for student affairs in Thuringia (Studierendenwerk Thueringen)


thoska ‒ student’s ID card


Total amount


Examinations at EAH Jena

Types of Examination

There are different types of examinations, which take place either during the lecture period or during the examination period.

Type of examinationExplanation
APL/SL = Alternative examination ("Alternative Prüfungsleistung")APLs are examinations that take place during the lecture period, e.g. presentations, papers, short tests.
Pra/Lab = Lab practical ("Laborpraktikum")Lab practicals usually also take place during the lecture period. A lab practical is usually concluded with a lab report.
PL = Examination ("Prüfungsleistung")PLs are examinations that only take place during the examination period. PLs are usually written examinations of 60 to 120 minutes.
Lecture period3 April – 15 July 2023
Examination period17 July – 5 August 2023

Examination Registration

To take examinations, you must register for them. The time of registration depends on the study programme and the type of examination. There are different periods for registration. If you have chosen courses from several study programmes, you must also observe the different periods for registering for examinations.

Please note: The Learning Agreement does not guarantee that you will be allowed to take the exams. You must always register for the individual exams.

Study programmeRegistration for alternative examinations (APL/SL, Pra/Lab)Registration for examinations (PL)
Business Administrationtbatba
Electrical Engineering and Information Technology8 – 29 May 2023tba
Materials Engineering8 – 29 May 202319 June – 9 July 2023
Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronicstbatba
Medical Engineeringtbatba
Scientific Instrumentation8 – 29 May 202319 June – 9 July 2023
Social Workindividual19 – 30 June 2023
Environmental Engineering and Development1 – 14 May 20231 May – 11 June 2023
Industrial Engineering1 – 14 May 20231 May – 11 June 2023

You can register for and de-register from all examinations in the self-service portal for students.

Go to self-service

Examination Offices

If you have any questions or problems with the examination registration, you are welcome to contact the examination offices of the EAH.

Examination Office


Examination Office I (1)

Business Administration, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics

Examination Office II (2)

Health and Care, Social Work

Examination Office III (3)

Biotechnology, Medical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Scientific Instrumentation and other courses at SciTec department

Examination Office IV (4)

Environmental Engineering and Development, Industrial Engineering

Academic Advisors

There are academic advisors for exchange students in all degree course at the EAH Jena. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have questions on your courses and learning agreements, for example.

Course of studyExchange programmeAcademic advisor
Business Administrationall exchange programmesProf. Heiko Haase
Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyKOSPIEProf. Alexander Richter
Industrial Engineeringall exchange programmesProf. Tobias Pfeifroth
MechatronicsCDHAW ShanghaiProf. Peter Dittrich
MechatronicsErasmus+Prof. Thomas Heiderich
Medical EngineeringInKoNaProf. Michael Pfaff
Medical EngineeringErasmus+Prof. Jane Neumann
Scientific Instrumentationall exchange programmesProf. Ronny Gerbach
Social WorkErasmus+Prof. Frederik von Harbou
Environmental Engineering and Developmentall exchange programmesProf. Christoph Koch

Class Schedule

Your timetables have been individually created based on your chosen subjects (learning agreement or special study plan). Explanations of the timetable can be found below.

Go to timetable

There are five different types of timetables.

Änderungen = current changes You can display current changes in the semester schedule, e.g. time and room changes to courses. There are often changes, especially at the beginning of the semester. Please check the change schedule daily at the beginning of the semester.
Studierende = studentsYou can find your individual timetable in the schedule for students below the item "Extern".
Dozenten = lecturersIn the schedule for lecturers, you can search for lecturers' names and see which subjects they teach.
Räume = room planIn the room plan, you can select all seminar rooms at the university and see which courses are taking place there.
Freie Räume = free roomsIf you are looking for a seminar room to study in, you can view available rooms there.


Course typeExplanationSign in the timetable
Lecture ("Vorlesung")Large groups, in the lecture hall or online, frontal teachingV
SeminarMedium-sized groups, in the seminar room, interactive, discussionsS
Lab practical ("Laborpraktikum")Small groups, in the lab, experimentsP
Tutorial ("Übung")Small groups, practice of the subject matter with tutorsÜ

The room numbers at the EAH consist of three components. The numbering follows the pattern: xx.yy.zz

  • xx = House number
  • yy = Floor
  • zz = Room number
HouseHouse 5House 3
Floor0 floor (ground floor)2nd floor
RoomRoom 4Room 15

Moodle is a teaching and learning platform where online seminars take place and where you can find teaching material for your courses. Some lecturers also use Moodle for course enrolment, others do not. This depends on the respective lecturer. To register for Moodle, please use your login data, which you will find on your enrolment certificate.

Go to Moodle

You are allowed to amend your Learning Agreement once after the start of lectures. This means that you may add or deselect courses from your original Learning Agreement. Please use the template "Amendment of the Learning Agreement". Changes are possible until the end of the 2 week of lectures. Please send your amended Learning Agreement to Robert Schaef by email by 16 April 2023 at the latest. If you do not wish to amend your existing Learning Agreement, you do not need to submit an amendment.

Note: Students in the double degree programme cannot change your courses as you are studying according to a special study plan prepared by the relevant department.

Sports courses in Jena

During the semester, numerous sports courses take place at both universities in Jena. You can book sports courses at the University of Applied Sciences Jena as well as at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. You pay a small participation fee to take part in the courses.

Termination/continuation of exchange studies

Here you will find information on how to de-register from the EAH Jena or re-register for the summer semester 2023.

At the beginning of your studies, you have enrolled yourself at the EAH Jena. At the end of your studies, you need to the opposite: you de-register yourself. The corresponding German term is “Exmatrikulation”. You may determine the date on which the de-registration is to take place yourself. This can be, for example, the day of your departure from Jena or the day on which you would like to move out of the hall of residence. The certificate of de-registration (“Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung”) can already be issued before the actual date of de-registration.

The certificate of de-registration is important. You will need it for the following purposes:

  • Termination of the rental agreement with Studierendenwerk
  • Termination of health insurance contract in Germany
  • Termination of bank account in Germany
  • Termination of further existing contracts (e.g. phone, internet)

De-registration procedure

In order to de-register, you will need to fill in the application for de-registration (“Antrag auf Exmatrikulation”) as well as the checklist for de-registration (“Laufzettel zur Exmatrikulation”). Both forms have to be submitted together. 

Apply for de-registration now

  1. Fill in the application for de-registration (“Antrag auf Exmatrikulation”) as well as the checklist for de-registration (“Laufzettel zur Exmatrikulation”) and undersign both forms. Please find remarks on the application form here.
  2. Subsequently, send both forms by email to: 
  3. Consequently, the certificate of de-registration (“Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung”) will be issued and returned to you by email.

If you continue studying at the EAH Jena in summer semester 2023 (April to September 2023), you must re-register by 28 February 2023 at the latest. To re-register, please transfer the semester fee for the summer semester 2023 in the amount of € 246.03 to the following account:

RecipientErnst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena
IBANDE72 8205 0000 3001 1118 26
BankLandesbank Hessen Thüringen
Amount€ 246.03
Reference00Matrikelnummer-R231-Name, Vorname

Note on the reference line: Please replace the word "Matrikelnummer" with your own student number and "Name, Vorname" with your own surname and first name.

What happens if I do not transfer the semester fee on time?

If we do not receive the semester fee by 28 February 2023, we will charge you an additional late fee of € 25. If you have not re-registered by the end of the semester on 31 March 2023, you will automatically be de-registered from the EAH Jena.

Hint: If you are unsure that you can make the transfer of the semester fee by 28 February 2023, please apply for a deferment of payment at the THOSKA office in good time.

Just as you registered with the City Office ("Bürgerservice") in Jena at the beginning of your stay, you must also de-register before returning to your home country. You can de-register at the earliest 1 week before the date of moving out.

You will need the following documents for de-registration:

To de-register, please make an appointment at the City Office. If you do not have time to de-register in person at the City Office, please send the required documents as a scan by email to:


Team Bürgerservice
Löbdergraben 12
07743 Jena

As long as you are enrolled at the EAH Jena, you can view and download your grades as pdf file in the university's self-service portal. After de-registration from the university, you will no longer have access to the self-service portal.

In the following table, you will find an overview of who you will receive your grades or your transcript from after exmatriculation.

Exchange programmeContact for grades/transcript
Exchange studentsInternational Office (Robert Schaef)
Double degree: Chinese German University of Applied ScienesPrüfungsamt I
Double degree: Swiss German UniversityPrüfungsamt IV