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Subsidiary study

Students who are already enrolled in a degree programme at another university or at their own university can be enrolled in another degree programme as secondary students on application. As with main auditors, secondary auditors are regular students of the respective higher education institution, can acquire recognised credits and take examinations, provided they still have the right to take examinations in the same or similar degree programmes (proof of unobjectionability).


Important note: If you have already successfully completed a course of study (Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, state examination...), then you are a second degree applicant (see second degree)?

The application process for secondary places is analogous to the online application process for open-admission degree programmes.

Admission to open-admission degree programmes can be applied for at the Registrar's Office within the set application deadlines for the respective semester. The following documents should be submitted for application:

  • PDF application for admission (generated after successful online application)
  • Application form for secondary students 
  • A current certificate of enrolment from the university of the main auditor with details of the course of study there, the number of semesters and the university semesters
  • If applicable, a clearance certificate if you wish to study in the same or a similar degree programme.

Important note: Re-registration of secondary students

Every secondary student who intends to continue his or her studies at Ernst Abbe University in the following semester must re-register at the Registrar's Office within the re-registration deadlines set by by the university.