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Further education

Continuing education is a form of further qualification that can enable you to develop or advance professionally. The ever-changing professional world makes further education following the primary training courses an indispensable part of professional qualification.

The Jena Academy of Lifelong Learning e.V. (JenALL) is a joint continuing education institution of the Friedrich Schiller University and the Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena and offers continuing education at university level. The practical transfer of scientific knowledge and application-oriented problem solutions to the various areas of the economy and society is in the foreground.

JenALL offers a wide range of courses, from preparatory courses to master's degree programs. Furthermore, certificate courses in the fields of health management and ophthalmic optics are offered as well as advanced training and continuing education in optics and ophthalmic optics.

Postgraduate Master's courses can be taken after a qualified university degree or work experience.

If you are interested in study-preparatory courses, please inform yourself here:

In cooperation with the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena e. V. JenALL e. V. offers courses with a university certificate to professional practitioners.

Are you interested in a training course? Discover JenAll's training offer here:


Peter Perschke (Geschäftsführer JenALL e.V.)
Ansprechpartner: Peter Perschke