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Postgraduate Master's programmes

Postgraduate Master's programmes can be completed after a qualified university degree as well as qualified practical professional experience. The content of the postgraduate Master's programme takes into account the students' professional experience and builds on this. This distinguishes them from consecutive Master's programmes, which are more oriented towards the study content from the Bachelor's programme and continue and deepen it in terms of subject matter. The UAS Jena offers various further education Master's degree programmes that you can complete while working.

Suitability procedure

In the aptitude test, we check whether your application for admission to the Master's programme can be approved and whether you meet all the requirements for the Master's programme. After we have received your complete application documents by post, they are forwarded to the relevant aptitude committee in the respective department and, depending on the degree programme, checked during or after the application deadline. The aptitude procedure can take up to three weeks.

You can view the processing status of your application in this portal: Login data: Username = Applicant number Password = Date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY)

Result of the suitability procedure

You will be informed of the result of the application procedure first by email and then by post (notification of admission or rejection) no later than four weeks after the application deadline for the respective Master's programme. In the case of admission, there are two possibilities:

Direct admission- is granted if you meet all admission requirements (incl. German language skills for international applicants) of the desired Master's programme and have already completed your Bachelor's degree.

Conditional admission/admission subject to reservation- is granted if you meet all admission requirements of the desired Master's degree programme, but

  • have not yet completed your Bachelor's degree and/or,
  • you have to fulfil a special study plan in order to make up for the missing ECTS points and/or
  • you still have to prove your German language skills.


The enrolment deadline for Master's degree programmes is 30.04. in the summer semester and 30.10. in the winter semester. For enrolment, the documents listed in the notification of admission or the form for acceptance of a place of study must be submitted in full and on time. To confirm enrolment, you will receivea provisional student ID cardby post, which you can use to travel by bus and train within the route network during the first weeks of study - before you receive the thoska (Thuringian university and student union card).During the first weeks of your studies - before you receive your thoska (Thuringian university and student union card) - you will be able to use buses and trains within the Thuringiannetwork. In addition, you will receive a certificate of study and a certificate for applying for BAföG.

Together with the notification of admission, we will send you a form with which you can accept (or reject) the place of study by completing and signing it and returning it to us together with the relevant matriculation or enrolment documents within the period specified by us.

The Thüringer Hochschul- und Studierendenwerkskarte (short: thoska) is your student ID, but also a ticket for public transport, cultural ticket, copy and print card, access card for the labs, or rooms at the Studierendenwerk, or also "wallet" for cashless payments. You will keep the thoska from your Bachelor's degree if you are a graduate of UAS Jena, or you will receive it from the THOSKA office after successful enrolment if you are studying at UAS Jena for the first time.

Take off

And off you go - Now you can start your Master's degree at the Ernst Abbe University of Applied Sciences Jena! A modern campus with short distances, small, discourse-friendly seminar rooms and committed and experienced lecturers await you. A successful transition into professional life is pre-programmed.


We wish you every success for your master studies at the University of Applied Sciences Jena!