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Berufsbegleitender Masterstudiengang Klinische Optometrie
Photo: Inka Rodigast

Clinical Optometry (advanced in-service training)

Master of Science, career-integrated studies

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Application for winter semester 15.05. To 15.09.
Application for summer semester 01.12. To 28.02.

Here you will learn skills at the interface between people, medicine and technology. The master's program in Jena offers a part-time continuing education that optimally prepares you for employment in this complex field.

Title on graduation:
Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Entrace Requirements:
See requirements
90 ECTS in 4 Semesters
Start of semester:
winter semester (01.10.) and summer semester (01.04.)
subscriber fee:
14.000,00 €
Semester Fee:
59,00 € (+ 15 € einmalig für Thoska)

That makes the study programme special:

  • Part-time continuing education
  • Study at the interface between people, medicine and technology


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