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General Management

Master of Arts

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Application for winter semester 15.05. To 15.09.
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Due to the age structure of their founders and successors, medium-sized companies will be increasingly dependent on competent managers in the coming years. Due to the increasing complexity of economic processes, a sound education in the field of global and international business is required.

This will result in a disproportionate need for managers in medium-sized companies in the future. But that's not all - large companies are also divided into medium-sized companies through group structures, which, as more or less independent business units, have a corresponding need for managers.

The knowledge and skills taught in the Master's programme will enable you to take on a management position in precisely these companies. In addition to a qualified in-depth economic education in theory and practice, you will be able to grasp and react to complex interrelationships. You will be enabled to take on the core tasks of managers in companies:

  • Plan,
  • monitoring,
  • Reflect,
  • Conceive,
  • Coordinate,
  • organise,
  • controlling and
  • Leading.

They are taught an integrated and networked perspective of the functions, processes and decisions in markets and companies and in management. The goal of the education is the professional, leadership and decision-making competent entrepreneurial personality who can act convincingly in a leadership position both professionally and personally. The Master's degree opens up a career path to higher service and doctoral studies.


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