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Berufsbegleitender Bachelorstudiengang Optometrie
Foto: Sebastian Reuter

Optometry (advanced in-service training)

Bachelor of Science, career-integrated studies

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Application for winter semester 15.05. To 30.09.
Application for summer semester 01.12. To 31.03.

The demands on people's visual tasks in today's high-tech multimedia world are constantly growing: e.g. activities on screens and displays, visual quality control, a wide range of sports and leisure activities, high visual demands in road traffic. The diversity of visual tasks calls for optometric fittings that are tailored to these tasks and require a prior individual optometric examination. In addition, the principles and applications of vision testing devices and corrections or corrective aids are currently developing at a completely new level, e.g. day and night refraction, wavefront-corrected lenses, laser refractive interventions, accommodating intraocular lenses. As a graduate of the part-time Bachelor's degree programme "Optometry", you will be one of the most sought-after specialists in the age of digitalisation. During your part-time studies, you will become familiar with various optometric examination methods and care options, enabling you to provide complex care for people of all ages. In addition, you will be able to think your way into new situations within a very short time, develop solutions on your own and in a team and think outside the box thanks to the interdisciplinary orientation of the degree programme. You have learned to look at complex tasks from different angles and you have the confidence to solve problems with common sense. In your studies you will deal with, among other things:

  • Optometric measurements and assessments
  • Analysis and management of binocular disorders
  • Pathology and pharmacology
  • Examination techniques for the anterior and posterior segment of the eye
  • Preparation and presentation of case reports (casuistry)
  • Low vision
  • Business administration for ophthalmic optics/optometry as well as marketing and business management
  • English
  • Statistics and scientific work

The part-time option of the bachelor's degree in optometry is based on the fact that 50 % of the contents/competences are recognised via the master's degree (advance recognition), i.e. 90 ECTS credits are awarded for these contents/competences for the first four semesters. The remaining 50% of the contents/competences (90 ECTS points) are taught in the following four semesters (semesters 5 to 8).

Module overview

Credit for the master's degree in "Ophthalmic Optics" (90 ECTS)

  • Optometric measurements and assessments
  • In-depth anatomy and physiology of the eye
  • Analysis and management of binocular disorders
  • Business administration for ophthalmic optics/optometry
  • Marketing and business management
  • Casuistry Optometry
  • Pathology
  • Anterior segment examination techniques and findings
  • Low Vision
  • Casuistry Low Vision
  • Clinical Practical Course
  • Pharmacology
  • Casuistry contact lens
  • English for Optometrists
  • Statistics
  • Scientific work
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Colloquium


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