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Medical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

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The medical and health industry is one of the largest economic sectors and therefore also opens up a wide range of employment opportunities. Medical technology products from Germany are in demand all over the world.

As a graduate of the Bachelor's degree programme, you can perform the following tasks, especially in hospitals, clinics and companies:

  • Clinical use of medical physics and technology
  • Development, sales, service and maintenance of medical technology products, devices and equipment
  • Assumption of special medical-technical application tasks
  • Quality management and certification
  • Participation in testing, monitoring and standardisation committees

Your Bachelor's degree qualifies you for a career in the civil service.
After graduating with a Bachelor's degree, you have the option of studying for an advanced Master's degree. The Department of Medical Engineering and Biotechnology offers a consecutive Master's programme in Medical Engineering.

Your career opportunities

Your tasks:

  • Technical advice and support in the development / optimisation of packaging to ensure rational workflows.
  • Creation and maintenance of technical packaging data for procurement, production and quality control (packaging specifications, packaging scheme)
  • Initiation and implementation of packaging changes to reduce costs and complexity in cooperation with Product Development, Product Management, Purchasing, Production and Marketing
  • Carrying out packaging suitability tests in coordination with external laboratories
  • Participation in the implementation of validations, taking into account the relevant regulations
  • Ensuring compliance with laws, guidelines and quality agreements
  • Creation of label layouts taking into account the industrial standards and in coordination with the departments responsible for the product

Your tasks:

  •  Checking the requirements, specifications and other documents for testability.
  • Ensuring quality by creating test concepts for the verification of simple to complex components of the system during the development phases
  • Defining the test strategy and choosing suitable test methodologies
  • Responsible for the creation of the test plan and its professional and timely implementation
  • Introduction of suitable metrics for evaluating test progress
  • Deviation management in test projects, including documentation of results
  • Conducting lessons-learned workshops with the aim of improving the test process

Your tasks:

  • Product development and detailed design of implants/implant systems
  • Design and calculation of implants and instruments
  • Creation and maintenance of development documentation
  • Project planning and support from the product idea to the start of production, process organisation
  • Independent implementation of the above tasks with the support of the development team
  • Communication with external partners who may be manufacturers of products or partial components of products, or who may be clinical partners or end users and customers.


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