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Mechanical Engineering at Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule University of Applied Sciences Jena
Photo: Jan Peter Kasper

Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering

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Application for winter semester 15.05. To 30.09.

Your career prospects can be described as excellent thanks to your good education, because your engineering spirit is considered the innovation driver par excellence in everyday industrial life. In the past, our graduates quickly found interesting and challenging jobs, often even at the companies where they wrote their theses. Often they were also able to choose the best from several good offers. The complete practical semester (18 weeks in the 5th semester) is viewed very positively by companies and increases the attractiveness of your applications as a graduate of EAH Jena. The German industry's demand for mechanical engineers will remain significantly higher than the supply of graduates in the future. Therefore, well-trained and committed young engineers like you will continue to have excellent career prospects. You can work in mechanical and vehicle engineering, in the aviation industry and in plant construction. Of course, mechanical engineers also work in the public sector, in engineering offices, in research institutions and in service companies. Your possible fields of activity are in the following areas:

  • Research and development
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Quality assurance
  • Operation, monitoring and maintenance
  • Marketing and customer service
  • Human Resources
  • Service and consulting

Your career opportunities

Your tasks:

  • Responsibility for planning and setting up manufacturing processes for the sterile production of liquid pharmaceuticals, including material/personnel flow, in-process controls and data provision for manufacturing documentation.
  • Take over the scale up of technical manufacturing processes, from pilot to serial scale including the necessary process development.
  • You are also responsible for the initial qualification and establishment of the process capability of the systems and transfer to series production as well as supplier and claim management.
  • Optimisation and development of existing processes, both technically and economically
  • Design of aseptic plant concepts, including laminar flow and barrier systems
  • Design and integration of CIP/SIP processes, special testing and processing systems

Your tasks:

  • Carrying out and independently processing demanding robotics simulation projects according to customer or internal specifications.
  • Creation of welding and connection concepts, e.g. distribution of welding spots and studs, definition of gun windows
  • Contractor support
  • Project coordination for planning and construction

Your tasks:


  • Application, testing and validation of engine control functions
  • Carrying out, evaluating and analysing measurements on vehicles and test benches
  • Independent implementation of the engine application on the vehicle, on the vehicle roller test bench as well as on the engine test bench


  • Preparation, follow-up and execution of test drives (engines, measurement technology and vehicles)
  • Test evaluation and documentation


  • Independent coordination and commissioning of measurement dates and coordination of specialist departments
  • Optimisation, documentation (e.g. specifications) and tracking of testing and release


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