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Guest auditor

Prospective students who would like to attend individual courses at Ernst Abbe University Jena can apply for guest auditor status in both Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes.

As a guest student you can use the facilities of the EAH Jena even if you do not have a university entrance qualification. Guest auditorship is subject to a fee. A list of the respective courses appears in the EAH Jena timetable at the beginning of each semester.

You select the desired courses from the course catalogue and submit an application for guest auditor status. The completed application can be handed in personally at the Student Administration Office or sent by post or fax or scanned and sent by e-mail to jessica.mueller(at) Please submit a copy of the payment slip for the guest auditor with the application. Admission as a guest auditor takes place by issuing a guest auditor's certificate, which will be sent to you by post.

Contact for further questions

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