Application for a change of university, change of course of study, placement in a higher semester or re-entry at the UAS Jena

-for German and international applicants-

On this page, the following prospective students will find information:

  • You have already studied for a few semesters at one or more universities and would now like to transfer to University of Applied Sciences,
  • You were enrolled in the same or a similar course of study,
  • You might want to try to enter a higher semester because you assume that some of your previous achievements will be recognized, or
  • You would like to change to another degree programme within the UAS Jena or re-enter after an interruption in your studies.

The application portal is for German, European and International applicants for higher semesters via the online application portal of the Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena. The application deadline for the winter semester is May 15 and for the summer semester is December 1.

To the online portal

Important documents

Application form

A university transfer application is done online and by mail. After you have entered all data on the online application portal, a PDF application for admission will be generated. Afterwards, please send your printed and signed application for admission, the placement form and your paper documents by post to UAS Jena in due time. Please indicate in which semester (>1) you would like to be classified. This information is completely non-binding and you will receive information from us as to which semester we consider the placement to be appropriate.

In case of an internal change of study programme or re-entry at UAS Jena, the online application is not necessary. Please use the placement form and follow the instructions contained there.

Clearance certificate

If you have studied the same or a similar course of study at another German university without a degree, a so-called clearance certificate will be requested. In this certificate, the examination office of the previous university certifies that no examination was recorded as definitively not passed for you. If you have been exmatriculated for subject-related reasons, a more detailed examination is required to determine to what extent the degree programmes or the modules are similar and whether enrolment is possible.

Application procedure

Please send your application documents directly to the Student Secretariat (for address see application form). There, the application will be confirmed and forwarded to the responsible examination office of the respective department, where the examination board usually decides on the classification. After this process has been completed, the application is returned to the Registrar's Office, where you will receive your admission or rejection. All further necessary steps are listed on the admission. The recognition of specific individual achievements will only take place after enrolment in the department by the professors concerned.

Application deadlines

The same application deadlines apply as for applications for the 1st semester. However, since applicants who plan to change universities often want to wait for the last examination period at their previous university, they usually apply later. In some cases, this is taken into account and the deadlines are extended for this group of applicants. Please ask what the application deadlines are for your desired course of study in the higher semester to ensure that no deadline is missed.

Programmes with restricted admissionsProgrammes with open admissions
Summer semester15.01.28.02.
Winter semester15.07.31.08.


If the decision on your application is positive, you will receive an admission letter from the Registrar's Office stating all the documents still required. After you have submitted these documents, you will be enrolled at the EAH Jena. You will receive the starter package from the Registrar's Office, consisting of:

  • a provisional student ID
  • a certificate of study
  • a certificate for the application of BAföG (student loan)
  • an information brochure on the start of studies (starter booklet) and
  • information about semester introduction events.