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Master of Engineering

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Application for winter semester 15.05. To 15.09.
Application for summer semester 01.12. To 15.02.

In addition to strengthening your mathematical and scientific knowledge, the aim of this degree programme is to teach the principles of developing mechatronic systems. The compulsory subjects cover a wide range of mechanical, information technology and control engineering applications. Within the compulsory elective and specialisation modules, the development project and the Master's thesis, you have the opportunity to design your own technical specialisations.

In this way, you acquire the ability to work independently, with the help of scientific procedures. You will also develop and master new systems.

You have the opportunity to work in the following professional fields, for example:

  • Research and development
  • Planning and project development
  • Marketing and sales
  • Management

In addition, the degree qualifies you for work in research institutions, as well as for doctoral studies at a college or university.


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