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Electrical Engineering / Information Technology (System Design)

Master of Engineering

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Electrical engineering and information technology are the foundations of digitalisation in society and industry. Without these basic sciences, mobile telephony, computers or modern vehicles, for example, would not be feasible. In all areas of electrical engineering and information technology, the design of circuits, electronic components and devices and their applications, as well as the programming of computers and controllers, take place.  Electrical and information technology systems connect business, science and our society, so many future paths are open to you according to your personal interests. With this Master's degree, you qualify for engineering activities and tasks in the field of research and development of business and science.

The Master's degree offers many opportunities to work in various branches of industry, from automotive technology to medical technology to rough-riding technology. In addition, the degree qualifies you for jobs in research institutions, as well as for doctoral studies at a college or university.


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