Semester fee winter semester 2021/22

The semester fee is charged at the beginning of your studies and every semester from then on. This fee covers various items, which are listed in detail below. With the payment of your semester fee it is possible to validate your Thoska. You can find all further information directly at the Thoska office.

List of the individual items in the semester feeRegular semester feeWB-Master1) FSG Nursing2) bbgl. AO3)certificates4)
Thuringia ticket for the regional train (DB Regio-Ticket)66,00 €0,00 €0,00 €
Local transport ticket (ÖPNV-Ticket)78,50 €0,00 €0,00 €
VMT ticket11,90 €0,00 €0,00 €
Culture ticket2,00 €0,00 €0,00 €
Student Council of the EAH Jena6,75 €6,75 €0,00 €
Student union fee74,00 €44,40 €44,40 €
Student ID card/THOSKA - one-time upon enrolment15,00 €15,00 €15,00 €
Total amount with THOSKA → application1254,15 €66,15 €59,40 €
Total sum without THOSKA → Re-registration2239,15 €51,15 €44,40 €

1)WB-Master = Postgraduate Master's programmes: a. General Management (MBA) b. Health Care Management (MBA) e. Manufacturing Engineering & Production Management (M. Eng.) f. Mechanical Engineering (M. Eng.) g. Coaching and Leadership (M. A.) h. Game and Media Education (M. A.) i. Industrial Engineering (M. Sc.) j. Clinical Optometry (M. Sc.)

2)FSG Pflege = distance learning courses: nursing/nursing management and nursing science/nursing management

3)Bbgl. AO = extra-occupational bachelor course in ophthalmic optics

4) Certificate = "Occupational Health Manager (FH)" "Ophthalmic Optics/Optometry (FH)".

Please submit a copy of the bank statement with the semester fee transfer for enrolment.

Attention feedback!

If you are already studying at the EAH Jena and would like to re-register, you have unfortunately missed the deadline of 31.07.2021.

Therefore, from now on, transfer 25€ late fee according to § 7 Abs. 4 Thüringer Hochschulgebühren- und -entgeltgesetz and § 9 der Allg. Gebührenordnung der EAH in addition to the semester fee.

RecipientErnst-Abbe-University Jena
IBAN DE72 8205 0000 3001 1118 26
Bank Landesbank Hesse Thuringia
1Purpose ofapplication 000Application number-N212-Surname, first name of applicant - Amount with Thoska fee
2Purposeof use for re-registration000Matriculation number-R212-Name, first name of the student - amount without Thoska fee

If you already have an EAH matriculation number, please pay the semester fee in the same way as for re-registration, stating the matriculation number.