Guideline for Students

Dear SI students!

We will be happy to give you all the support which is required for your studies. The very large number of students and the very limited number of staff assigned to the organization of the course, however, makes your active and strong support necessary:

  • If you are having a question please study this internet page first. Most of the questions which we are asked by students are actually already answered on our internet pages.
  • Please respect the announced contact hours. We do not have the capacity for individual appointments.
  • Be well prepared when you come to a contact hour. I.e., check which documents are required for your wish and bring all of them with you. Please check the current version of this internet pages as there may be changes in the processes from time to time.
  • Please find the person or division in charge of your particular concern (see below) and contact them directly.
  • Do not contact several persons with the same request.
  • Do not double post emails.

Please check the up-to-date information given here carefully and follow the guidelines step by step. You will also find many answers to frequently asked questions.

Type and duration of each examination is specified in the study and exam orders. They will, of course, also be explained by the lecturers in the courses.
Students must register for examinations within the time limit. The Examination Office will announce the time limits and the way to register on the
Internet pages of the examination office under "Aktuelles". Without registration a student is not allowed to take the examination.

If you have failed an exam it is compulsory that you take the next exam offered as your repeat exam. Nevertheless, you should also register. (Nonappearance counts as failure, even if you have not registered!)

If you can not attend an examination because of illness you have to apply for withdrawal using this form and hand it in together with a doctor's certificate to the examination office by the end of the third workday following the examination date at the latest.

For modules which include laboratory work the successful pass of the lab course is a prerequisite for awarding the module grade. Usually written lab reports are required. To avoid a delay of your studies please hand in the lab reports in time and check with the lecturer if they have been acknowledged.
For the lab reports to be checked please calculate with the same time interval as between the date of the lab experiment and the hand in of the report. A retake of the lab course will usually be required when the deadline as notified by the lecturer is substantially exceeded.

To see the results of your exams, you may check the exam section in your self-service.

For more information on the elective modules, please check the individual module descriptions available here.

Please use the Record form for Elective and Soft Skills Modules to have your choice of Soft Skills and Non-Technical Compulsory Elective Modules (if other than German as a Foreign Language) approved by the Departmental Coordinator. After the examination please have it signed by the lecturer and send the filled form to the Examination Office III.

Required documents and guides:

To have a good chance for success please put very much care into the preparation of your application for an internship or thesis position. In guidebooks or in the internet you can find a lot of information about the essentials of the cover letter and the compilation of the credentials. For more information please also consider the presentation created by my colleague Nancy Reichel (Intranet, login required).

The Career Service of our university is kindly offering to have a final check of your application. (Please have a draft of your application carefully prepared before you contact the Career Service).

Colloquium on the Master's Thesis

The date for the colloquium will be set after the the Master's Thesis has been submitted to the Dean's office and after (positive) experts' reports from internal mentor and academic supervisor have been received.
Legally, the arrangement of a date for the colloquium includes the message that the Master's Thesis has been passed. Therefore, such a date can only be given after the necessary conditions are fulfilled.

If you need a visa extension please follow the Visa extension guide.
Please fill the form Request for a recommendation letter for visa extension
and send it by email together with a copy of your mark sheet and further documents to
Dr. Schlegel: offices 04.02.44,
Please send your request at least 4 weeks before your appointment with the Ausländerbehörde.

Immideately after the completion of the course with your colloquium all information will be forwarded to the Examination Office III. A provisional confirmation of course completion can be issued by them on request.

In order to formally complete the course, please also fill and submit the Application for exmatriculation form. You may submit the filled and signed for to the email ID given in the form. For more information, please also refer to the websites of the student's office.

Contact Hours and Current Items

Prof. Dr.-Ing.

  • 04.03.18


Lehrgebiete: Präzisionsgeräte- und Automatisierungstechnik, Qualitätsmanagement

Sprechzeiten / Consultation hours

im Wintersemester/ during summer term 2022

  • Dienstag/ Tuesday 09:00 - 10:00
    und nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail/ and on appointment by e-mail

in der vorlesungsfreien Zeit/ at non-lecture period

  • nach Vereinbarung per E-Mail/ on appointment by e-mail
Ronny Gerbach
von Nordheim


Center for Studies and Student Counseling

Contact hours
(only SI-students, e-Mail)

  • Monday, 10:00 - 12:00
  • Tuesday, 09:00 - 12:00
  • Thursday, 13:00 - 15:30

  • 04.03.17/.02.44


Departmental Coordinator for International Students / Internship Office

Contact hours:

  • ​Dienstag:     10.00 -12.00 Uhr
  • Donnerstag: 13.00 -15.00 Uhr

    sowie nach Vereinbarung