The online application platform is now closed.

The application procedure is described in detail under "Application - Step by step" (below). The application form can be found here (switch to English in the upper right corner).

Important: Due to the limited availability of postal services in some countries, it is now possible to apply with scanned documents at first. You may send your soft copies to Please make sure to get good quality scans of your documents using a scan software (App) or a scanning device. Make sure, files are not to large but good quality. You may use the stack order published below (Application - Step by step, point 3). We would like to ask you to create one PDF file in the given order. Otherwise, please name the documents using the given numbers, e.g. filename: 1_online_application_form.pdf, 2_curriculum_vitae.pdf and so on.

After submitting soft copies, posting the hard copies will not be required. The originals have to be provided upon enrolment, if admission is granted and accepted.

Please consider that despite choices there is a winter intake only! The start of studies should therefore be chosen as Wintersemester 2022/23.

  • A Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) in a technical or scientific field, whose curriculum covers the special educational prerequisites for the Master's Programme in Scientific Instrumentation. Such degrees should be, in particular, those awarded in physics engineering, precision engineering, physics, electronic engineering, mechatronics, medical engineering, mechanical engineering and comparable study programmes. 
  • A good command of English, demonstrated either by a TOEFL or IELTS test. Minimum levels of English: Paper-based TOEFL 550 points, internet-based TOEFL 79 points, IELTS overall band score of 6.0. The test shall not date back more than two years.

Applicants who have received their Bachelor's degree from a university outside of Germany are charged a fee of 75 Euro for the evaluation and processing of their documents. Applications will be evaluated after the fee has been fully paid.

There are students halls of residence (dormitories, Wohnanlagen) which are operated by the non-profit organisation "Studentenwerk". You can find information on the dormitories at the Studierendenwerk website. Please consider that application might be possible starting April 1st only. In case you apply for our course earlier, please send us the proof through email. As the number of rooms is very limited please apply for a room at the online platform of the Studierendenwerk immediately after you have filled the online application for the course. The application for the room can be cancelled free of charge in case you should not come to Jena. You will receive a confirmation of receipt with your tenant number from the Studentenwerk by email. Please send us a printout of this email confirmation with your documents (or a statement that you do not need a room from the Studentenwerk as you have organized a private accommodation).
!Hint! After choosing the dormitories you intend to apply for, please checkmark the option 'Please check this box if you also wish to receive offers from all other residential complexes!' as well. In case the chosen complexes are completely filled already, you will receive an offer for another dorm. That increases your chances of getting a place significantly and it might be possible to change for the summer term.

  1. Fill the online application form, print and sign the generated PDF-file.
    Your application number is seen on the printout of the application form (in the upper left corner)!

  2. For students with a Bachelor's degree from a university outside of Germany:
    Please transfer the processing fee of 75 Euro to the university bank account:

    IMT amount:

    75 EUR


    Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena

    Beneficiary's address:

    Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 2, 07745 Jena, Germany

    Beneficiary's bank account number (IBAN):





    Landesbank-Hessen-Thueringen (HELABA)

    Bank address:

    Bonifaciusstrasse 16, 99084 Erfurt, Germany

    Payment reference:

    SI Appl 10204 - (Your application number) - (Your family name)

    Payment variant:

    OUR (sender pays costs)

    Please give the payment reference precisely in the format shown above so that the payment can be assigned to your application.
    Additional fees might be charged for international bank transfers by your local bank as well as by the receiving bank in Germany. Please arrange with your bank that all extra fees will be charged to you as the remitter (choose OUR as payment variant). Applications can only be processed after the full amount of 75 Euro has arrived at the university's bank account.

  3. Prepare a stack of your documents in the following sequence and send it by post or email. Please do not staple the documents:

    1. Signed printout of the filled online application form for the Master's programme
    2. Curriculum vitae (computer generated)
    3. Motivation letter
    4. Certificate of the university degree (Bachelor’s degree)
    5. Certificate of university courses taken with marks (of all universities you studied at)
    6. Proof of knowledge of English language
    7. Leaving certificate (diploma) of senior secondary school
    8. Copy of passport (page with personal data)
    9. Copy of your bank transfer form
    10. Printout of the confirmation of receipt of your room application from the Studentenwerk (as soon as available)
    11. For applicants from P.R. China or Vietnam: Copy of certificate APS of successful proof of university records (from German embassy in your country).
    12. For applicants from Mongolia: Certificate of authenticity of proof from the office for university studies of the German embassy in Ulan Bator.
    13. Optional only: GRE test and, for students from India, GATE test, if available
    14. Optional only: Additional documents like recommendation letters etc.
    • Item 4 can be sent later, if it has not yet been issued.
    • If send through post, items 4 to 7 should be certified by a German embassy or consulate. You may also send the documents certified by a local authority or a lawyer - in this case you are required to bring the originals or copies certified by a German embassy with you for the enrolment. If there is something incorrect, your admission will be cancelled.

    Please check the correctness of the data in your application sent to our university, in particular if you apply through an agency. The applicant is liable for the truth of the data and certificates, even if he commissions an agency to submit his application.

Using this cover letter please send your application to University of Applied Sciences Jena:

Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena
University of Applied Sciences Jena
Department of SciTec
Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 2
07745 Jena

We will send a confirmation by email after having received your application. The arrival of a great many applications in some periods and other duties may cause the confirmation to be delayed.
Important Note: Please consider, that we do not return application documents. Neither do we refund the application fee for rejected applications.


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