The KATALOGplus is a search engine for books, eBooks, journals and all kinds of materials. It is able to search external, academically relevant sources and databases in addition to the local library holdings. The KATALOGplus is suitable both for targeted research and for randomly finding further literature matching the search query.

Search tips for the KATALOGplus

Enter as many precise search terms as possible in the search bar. The terms are automatically linked together. Years are also taken into account. You do not have to mind upper and lower case.

Example: scientific work trunk 2022

To find a term with a specific word stem, insert the placeholder * after the word stem.

Example: present*
[searches for present, presentation,

Put the operator NOT in front of the term you want to exclude (note the capitalization of NOT).

Example: cancer NOT animal

Put the operator OR (note capitalization of OR) between the terms you want to search for.

Example: cancer OR carcinoma OR tumour

Further information on KATALOGplus

In addition to freely accessible electronic resources, the KATALOGplus also lists electronic resources licensed by the university library for a fee. To access those, you need to identify yourself as a member of the university. We explain how this works on our "Library from home" page.

You have done everything correctly and still can't access a full text? Please contact us!

In addition to our open stacks area, our library also has closed stacks which are only accessible to our staff.

They contain books and other materials that

  • have special historical value
  • cannot be placed in the open stacks area for space reasons
  • are older and rarely used

You can order the desired item using the "place a hold" button displayed in KATALOGplus. It will be ready for you to collect from the lending desk on the next business g day (Monday to Friday). Closed stacks orders are deposited for you for two weeks and can generally be borrowed for four weeks.

Please note that ordered journals cannot be checked out for home use and can only be viewed within the library.

You can reserve books that are currently on loan. To do this, click on the "reserve" button and log in to your user account. As soon as the book has been returned, you will receive a notification by e-mail. The book will also be listed under "Ready for pickup" in your user account. It will be deposited for you for two weeks at the lending desk.

If an online reservation is not possible, please contact the library stuff at the lending desk.

Check your search query to make sure that everything is typed in correctly.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, you are welcome to make an interlibrary loan request. Please note our regulations on interlibrary loans.

It is also possible to make an acquisition suggestion.

Click on the star on the right hand side in the short or full display of an item. That way you can select everything you are interested in to save in a favourites list. All selected itens are added to your "book bag" (top right next to the user account button). You can perform various actions there, such as saving, sending via e-mail, exporting in various formats, printing, etc.

Tip: When saving the favourites list, you can choose between private and public. Public favourites lists can be shared with others. All you have to do is send the URL of the favourites list to the relevant person.