Accessible library

We would like to support you in your scientific work and offer you the following services.

Tools for visually impaired people

Screen readers are available for people with limited or low vision. The devices record text and images and display them enlarged on a monitor. In addition, the contrast, brightness and colours of text and background can be adjusted.

We also have a reading device that recognises texts and reads them out loud.

Please contact the library staff for further information about the devices and their usage.

Operating manual

Optelec Clear Reader

A portable reader for use within the whole library.

Visio Book

A screen reader suitable for mobile use within the whole library.

Visio 24

A stationary screen reader with a large display at a designated workstation in the library.

Literature service

We support people with disabilities in using our inventory. Since the shelf spacing is not wheelchair accessible, we would be happy to pick out the literature you want in advance or when you visit us.

Please contact the staff at the library circulation desk with your concerns.

Barrier-free restroom

A barrier-free restroom is located on the ground floor of the library. The key is available at the lending desk.