Our collection includes books, e-books, journals, e-journals and databases for all subjects taught at our university.

The best starting point for your research is the KATALOGplus.

Books and journals are arranged thematically.

Materials from our closed stacks can be ordered via the KATALOGplus.

Our reference collection and textbooks can only be used within the library. They are located in our reading room.


A guide to literature researches and scientific work

If you already know which book you need, you can use the title, author or ISBN in the KATALOGplus to check if we have the book, where it can be found in the library and whether it is currently available at the location or not.

You can use the call number to find the book in the library. For electronic resources, a link to the source is provided. Electronic resources are accessible from our campus. Members of the University of Applied Sciences Jena have the opportunity to use the content off-campus.

If you are looking for books or eBooks on a specific topic, you can search for suitable results using the key subject or keywords in our KATALOGplus.

It is also helpful to think of additional synonyms, related terms, or general and sub-terms to customize your search.

The tutorial "Basics of research" explains research techniques that you can use to make your search even more effective.

Tip: If you have found a relevant result, you can find additional search terms in the description under the “Keywords” or “Subject Areas” categories.

Are you writing a seminar paper, a bachelor or master thesis and are looking for relevant literature on your topic? Then researching in specialised databases is a suitable method to find information.

The Database information system (DBIS) offers you an overview of databases.

In addition to databases, special search engines are also suitable for scientific content, e.g. B. Base, MetaGer or Google Scholar.

Good to know:

The "LOTSE" tutorial offers many useful tips and instructions for literature research and writing scientific papers.

Do you need help?

The library staff will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. As part of the library's training program, we will show you how the research in the KATALOGplus or specialised databases works.