Student paradise Jena

  • 6 weeks in summer with concerts, theater and film - the Kulturarena in Jena
  • Music and whiskey - the Irish Days in Jena in autumn
  • Open to experiments - the Jena Theaterhaus
  • Sports together - make use of the sports facilities of EAH and USV
  • For mountain bikers - in just a few minutes from the city center to the tours in the mountains around Jena
  • For endurance athletes - Jenaer Kernberglauf or hiking 100 km around Jena
  • On the water - canoe tours on the Saale river to Naumburg
  • From breakfast to wine in the evening - the pub mile in Wagnergasse

With 22,000 students, Jena is a real student city. This is reflected in the many cultural offerings as well as the numerous student pubs and diverse sports facilities. Haven't found the right thing for you yet? You can find more information at, or you can try it out for yourself.