55th exhibition of the gallery in the ET/IT department

Travel impressions of Namibia

Photographs by Rainer Herzer

We traveled in April with a small travel agency that offers worldwide trips. The trip was organized by a Namibian partner, who also entrusted our tour guide with our care. Our tour guide was from Germany and has been living in Namibia with a Namibian wife for many years. He had in-depth knowledge of the country and its people, as well as the animal and plant life. It is noteworthy that he also drove the more than 3100 km distance.

We had the privilege of traveling in a very small group, which allowed our tour guide to be available to us virtually around the clock and to be able to respond largely to our wishes.

Accommodations in Namibia are mainly lodges and campsites. The selected lodges had a (surprisingly) high standard. It seemed that the architects were able to express their creativity in the design. We were warned that the food in Namibia is very meat-heavy, and we tried various wild game, such as gnu, oryx, and springbok. Beef and lamb were also on the menu, and vegetables were not neglected, making the trip a culinary experience.

The route took us to the main attractions of Namibia: the Kalahari Desert, the Namib Desert, Swakopmund, the Erongo Mountains, the Etosha National Park, and the Waterberg. We were enchanted by this country - its vastness, its light, the diverse landscape, the friendly people, and not least the countless animals.


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