"The ultimate goal of education is not knowledge, but action." Herbert Spencer (1820-1903), English philosopher and social scientist.

After being equipped with ample knowledge during your studies as our graduates, you are now in the workforce and required to act in accordance with your knowledge. All graduates have taken the step into their professional lives, gaining experience and undoubtedly making mistakes along the way. As we do not necessarily need to repeat all of these mistakes, a network of graduates could facilitate the start of a professional career. Even after a successful start, there are always situations where it is beneficial to know someone who has had similar experiences. Networks can be immensely helpful in these cases.

Of course, we are constantly trying to adjust our education to optimally prepare students for professional action. For this, we, the professors and staff of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, require your experiences and suggestions, and thus, we seek and require contact with our graduates.