Act globally - study worldwide

  • Is it possible to study abroad for a semester and still graduate within the regular study time?
  • Where are the contacts all over the world to ensure a successful study abroad experience?

Global markets, international companies - it's good to be prepared for them in advance.

We strongly support our students in organizing their study abroad experiences. In the degree program 'Automation Engineering / Information Technology International', a study abroad semester is integrated, which is actively prepared for through language classes and intercultural communication courses. But even in our other degree programs, studying abroad is possible. Through coordinated study plans with our partner universities, studying abroad becomes a part of the program and does not extend the study time. Whether it's an internship, project or a semester in China, Namibia, the USA, Brazil or Europe - we have the contacts and know-how to make the adventure a success.

We have compiled detailed information about the process of studying abroad, our partner universities, and student experience reports in the 'Students / Studying Abroad' section