Federal-state initiative to promote AI in higher education

Project start: 01.12.2021

Project duration: 48 months

Budget: € 1.98 Mio.

On December 1, 2021, the university project "Modularer Lehrbaukasten zur Vermittlung von KI-Kompetenzen für angewandte Wissenschaften an der Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena", in English "Modular Teaching Kit for Teaching AI Competencies in Applied Sciences at Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena" (MoVeKI2EAH) was launched. The project, which is funded with 1,974,000 euros over four years, aims to create competencies in the field of applied AI and is one of 54 projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the Federal-State Program "Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education". Within the framework of the project, six full-time positions for research assistants will be created and a high-performance computing cluster will be procured.

"In order to realize applied AI as a study content in a practical and demand-oriented way, it is necessary to identify and define relevant competencies and map them to the individual disciplines. To achieve this, the project is anchored in various departments of the EAH Jena. There will not only be close exchange in the field of teaching, but also in the field of applied projects," explains Prof. Dr. Christina B. Claß from the Department of Basic Sciences. Prof. Dr. Christopher Schneider from the Department of Basic Sciences, who is coordinating the project together with Prof. Claß, adds: "The integration of the employees into application-oriented AI projects enables the practical validation of the required competencies, the preparation and further development of existing methods and approaches, as well as the creation of practical examples and real datasets for teaching. This creates a sustainable added value for future teaching in the field of applied AI at the EAH Jena."

To achieve the project goals, the project team is interdisciplinary. In addition to the project coordinators Prof. Claß and Prof. Schneider, the team includes: Prof. Dr. Christian Erfurth (Industrial Engineering), Prof. Dr. Sebastian Knorr (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology), Prof. Dr. Jane Neumann (Medical Engineering and Biotechnology), Prof. Dr. Marek Opuszko (Business Administration), and Prof. Dr. Mario Walther (Basic Sciences).

Together with the project staff, teaching modules will be created and datasets prepared within the project, based on the defined competencies. From this, a certificate course in "Applied AI" consisting of three modules will be developed for students at EAH Jena. The modules also consider socio-technical and ethical aspects of AI. "In order to enable students to identify and evaluate ethical questions in connection with AI and to competently participate in shaping the changes induced by AI, relevant competencies in the area of ethics and AI are identified and demands for education are derived within the framework of this project," explains Prof. Claß.

Teaching units and prepared data collections created within the project will be made available in the form of open educational resources and open data.


Information and Contact:

Project Managements: Prof. Dr. Christina B. Claß, Prof. Dr. Christopher Schneider

Contact person at Dept. ET/IT: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Knorr

Tel.: +49 3641 205 739