Study Committees

The study committees further develop the respective field of study. To this end, recommendations are made on teaching content, the use of resources is discussed, and the evaluation of teaching is debated.

You can find the direct contact to the mentioned colleagues underprofessors.

Study programs Advisor for study programs
Optometry (B.Sc.)
Optometry/Ophthalmotechnology/Vision Science (M.Sc.)
Certificate Courses Optometry
Prof. Dr. Stephan Degle
Prof. Dr. Michael Gebhardt
Prof. Sickenberger
Precision Engineering (B.Eng.)
Laser and Optotechnologies (B.Eng.)
Laser and Optotechnologies (B.Eng.) dual
Laser and Optotechnologies (M.Eng.)
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Dienerowitz
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Fleck
Microtechnology/Physical Engineering (B.Sc.)
Scientific Instrumentation (M.Sc.)
Prof. Dr. Michael Rüb
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ronny Gerbach
Materials Engineering (B.Eng.)Materials Technology/Materials Engineering (M.Eng.) Prof. Dr. Jörg Töpfer