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Joint Course: Robotic Systems and Business Model/E-Business Innovation in the Winter Semester 2022/2023

Experience the fascinating fusion of robotic systems and business model innovations. Interdisciplinary internship, prototype development, successful collaboration. Innovation LivingLab at EAH Jena. In the upcoming winter semester, new exciting projects await.

During the last week of March 2023, the internship took place as an intensive block event for the course "Robotic Systems and Business Model/E-Business Innovation" in the winter semester of 2022/2023. The interdisciplinary and cross-program module was successfully completed by students from the Bachelor's programs in Electrical Engineering/Information Technology and Business Informatics with the presentation of prototypes as the outcome of the project work in the internship.

Although the practical project journey may have initially seemed unclear to the students, it became evident during the development of a specific robotic system for a given problem statement in the internship that overcoming the challenge and creating a functional prototype within the limited time frame required collaborative efforts, technical expertise, and a shared passion for the field. Through the networking of the module coordinators, Prof. Dr. J. Trabert (Department of Electrical Engineering/Information Technology) and Prof. Dr. A. Werner (Department of Business Administration), with the regional ICT industry, practical partners such as MetraLabs from Ilmenau were engaged to provide missing components for the development of the robotic system at short notice.

The students from Electrical Engineering/Information Technology gained insights into the methods of Business Informatics, while the future Business Informatics professionals witnessed how future engineers technically and precisely implemented specific services within a robotic system. The Innovation LivingLab of EAH Jena provided an ideal framework for the project work.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate again in the upcoming winter semester with students from various disciplines and programs.

Sincerely, Prof. Trabert and Prof. Werner