Evolution of I4CS

The locations and chairs
212021Online (Bamberg), GermanyUdo Krieger, Gerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth, Günter Fahrnberger
202020Bhubaneshwar, IndiaSiddharth Swarup Rautaray, Gerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth, Günter Fahrnberger
192019Wolfsburg, GermanyKarl-Heinz Lüke, Gerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth, Günter Fahrnberger
182018Žilina, SlovakiaMichal Hodoň, Gerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth, Günter Fahrnberger
172017Darmstadt, GermanyGerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth, Günter Fahrnberger
162016Vienna, AustriaGünter Fahrnberger, Gerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth
152015Nuremberg, GermanyJörg Roth, Gerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth
142014Reims, FranceHacène Fouchal, Marwane Ayaida, Gerald Eichler
132013Hagen, GermanyHerwig Unger, Thomas Böhme, Gerald Eichler
122012Trondheim, NorwayLeendert W. M. Wienhofen, Gerald Eichler, Anders Kofod-Petersen
112011Berlin, GermanyGerald Eichler, Alex Küpper, Volkmar Schau
102010Bangkok, ThailandPhayung Meesad, Herwig Unger
92009Jena, GermanyGerald Eichler, Christian Erfurth, Volkmar Schau
82008Schoelcher, MartiniqueHacène Fouchal, Philippe Hunel
72007Munich, GermanyUlrike Lechner, Achim Dannecker
62006Neuchâtel, SwitzerlandPeter Kropf, Pascal Felber
52005Paris, FranceAlain Bui, Marc Bui
42004Guadalajara, MexicoHerwig Unger, V. M. Larios Rosillo
32003Leipzig, GermanyGerhard Heyer, Herwig Unger
22002Kühlungsborn, GermanyHerwig Unger, Thomas Böhme
12001Ilmenau, GermanyThomas Böhme, Herwig Unger

The Beginning

Founded as an academic workshop in 2001 as I2CS (Innovative Internet Computing Systems) in Ilmenau by Thomas Böhme and Herwig Unger, the I2CS annually took place every year in the third week of June. In 2003, the University of Leipzig joined the consortium.

The International Way

The first event outside of Germany took place in Mexico in 2004. Again, it was Herwig Unger, who made this important step possible. The change in the name from "computing" to "community" perfectly reflects its understanding as a workshop of exchange between people from different countries, universities, institutes, vendors, and industries.

Via France and Switzerland, it returned to Germany in 2007. From now on, an international and a German location is alternately selected by the steering committee to arrange the three-days event which has reached the status of an international conference.

The Renaming

In 2014, the name of the conference has been changed into I4CS (Innovations for Community Services) to emphasize the application focus.