Migration and Participation Law Clinic (MaP)

What is the Migration and Participation Law Clinic (MaP)?

The aim of MaP is to qualify students of the EAH and other interested persons to advise migrants on a voluntary basis under legal supervision on questions of social-legal participation, especially on educational and labor market integration, e.g. on access to language courses, to training positions, to employment or to studies.

The Law Clinic program consists of Education and the subsequent voluntary work.




The MaP founders are united by the desire to use their project to make it easier for migrants to arrive and participate socially in Germany by providing low-threshold voluntary advice and support. On the other hand, the project offers social work students in particular the opportunity to advocate for the interests of often marginalized people and, at the same time, to gain their first practical professional experience in counseling "tandems. In turn, Ernst Abbe University is living up to its responsibility for a coexistence in the German immigration society that is based equally on commonality and diversity, especially in times of growing social rifts and tendencies toward exclusion and right-wing populism.

As early as the beginning of this summer semester, students at the Department of Social Work will be involved in the design of MaP from the outset as part of a so-called "project workshop," for example by designing later program content and advisory guidelines or building networks. In October 2021, the first training phase of the future volunteer consultants will start. The event, which is integrated into the BA Social Work curriculum, is also open free of charge to EAH students from other departments and to all other interested parties from Jena and the region. The first voluntary counseling of migrants is scheduled to take place in spring 2022.

Tasks of the volunteers in the Law Clinic

With the successful completion of the training it is possible to become part of the volunteer team. Counseling sessions are conducted in pairs in "tandem". These can be direct consultations or referral consultations. The focus is on helping with educational and labor market integration. A possible support of migrants with visits to authorities or other appointments is also conceivable. In order to enable the best possible integration of the migrants, the exchange and cooperation with other institutions is an important part of the work.

Projektleitung und Kontakt

Prof. Dr. Frederik v. Harbou
Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena
Fachbereich Sozialwesen
Carl-Zeiss-Promenade 2
07745 Jena
E-Mail: MaP@eah-jena.de


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