Experiences of students

If we have aroused your interest, but you are still lacking experience reports for your decision, then simply read the experience reports of foreign students.

I have been learning German in my home country Hungary for more than 10 years. Therefore, I looked for a German university for my Erasmus exchange and got advice at the Erasmus office of my university. I liked the EAH Jena from the very first moment. On the Internet pages I informed myself about the extensive study offer. I found out that Jena is called a student paradise. So I thought to myself, you have to see it with your own eyes. During my exchange semester, I had only positive experiences and was able to take wonderful memories and experiences back home with me. The tutoring program for foreign students worked very well. The professors were always very nice and helpful. Looking back, I can only say that Jena is a little green heart in Germany. A paradise for students. And the Ernst Abbe University Jena is the best thing about it!

Andrea studiert Landesentwicklung, Ökonomie und Agrarwissenschaften am Károly Róbert University College in Gyöngyös (Ungarn). Im Rahmen des Austauschprogramms Erasmus+ studierte sie im Wintersemester 2014/2015 Business Administration an der EAH Jena.

I started studying mechanical engineering in China. An older fellow student recommended that I study in Germany. After researching mechanical engineering in Germany on my own, I decided to study there. At my university I heard that there was an exchange program with the EAH Jena. I gladly accepted this offer. In the meantime I study completely at the EAH Jena and can only recommend the study. We don't have too many students, so the professors have more time for individual counselling. The professors here have very good subject knowledge and were always helpful to me. The technical equipment, e.g. the computers in the CAD room, is very modern. My tip: Find a good study group right from the start. You can learn a lot from each other.

Kailin schloss sein Bachelorstudium im Studiengang Maschinenbau im Sommersemester 2016 erfolgreich ab. Seine ehemalige Hochschule in Beijing hat einen Kooperationsvertrag mit der EAH Jena.

Other experiences

I was looking for a suitable course of study in a beautiful city. After discovering the EAH Jena on the internet, I knew immediately that I wanted to study there. The paradisiacal Jena is a wonderful student city and offers many leisure activities, cultural events, cafés and student pubs. The tutoring program of the International Office supports you in settling in Jena and is always there to help with everyday or subject-related questions. The EAH Jena offers different, practice-oriented and innovative study programs. The professors are very experienced with their many years of professional practice. The EAH has state-of-the-art equipped laboratories and teaching rooms. Through the cooperation with numerous companies and institutes as well as the cooperation with international universities, the EAH supports students in their search for internships and theses. Studying at EAH Jena is always the right decision.

- Muhamed was born in Prizren (Kosovo) and studied at EAH Jena from the winter semester 2012/13, first in the Bachelor's programme WI-Information Technology and then in the Master's programme Industrial Engineering. He successfully completed his studies in the summer semester of 2018.


The EAH Jena was recommended to me by a friend. It has a good reputation and I know many other students here. Jena is a nice, small and quiet city. For me, that's better than a huge, anonymous city. Most foreign students are afraid when they come to Germany that their language skills are not good enough or that they are too shy. It takes some patience to understand the whole system of the university, but as long as I study at the EAH, I am there for the new students from other countries and I am happy to explain everything to them. The university offers many opportunities to improve one's skills and the professors are nice and happy to help.

- Younes grew up in Casablanca (Morocco) and successfully completed his bachelor's degree in electrical engineering and information technology in the summer semester of 2018.

Studying at the EAH Jena was not a conscious decision at first. I had completed my German course in Kiel and actually wanted to go back. The city of Jena and the EAH were not known to me before. My first impressions were the beautiful nature, the mountains, Jena as a city of science and the many students in the city. Jena is a city where students can concentrate very well on studying. The city is small and compact, you can get from A to B quickly and easily. There are many places to relax or to go out and party. When I completed my first semester, I knew that I wanted to continue studying here. The practical orientation and the direct contact with local companies convinced me of the EAH. In addition, the professors also come from the practice and their contents are oriented towards the needs of the job market. From my experience, I can only recommend the EAH Jena. As I am an international student myself, it is important for me to be able to exchange ideas with students from other countries. There are a lot of offers like excursions, country evenings and projects for international students. Since Jena is home to many internationally renowned companies with a good reputation that cooperate very closely with the EAH, there are good opportunities for international students to gain their first practical experience or even enter the professional world directly. Since the EAH is a small university and everyone knows everyone else, students help each other. The professors of the EAH are there to help and advise.

- Mederbek was born in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) and studied General Management (M.A.) until the summer semester of 2016. He leaves EAH Jena with a Master's degree and good memories.


Robert Schäf
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Robert Schäf