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Laser- and Optotechnologies dual study

Bachelor of Engineering

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Application for winter semester 15.05. To 30.09.

Optical technologies are needed, for example, in high-tech areas such as laser and laboratory technology, precision engineering, ophthalmic optics, medical technology and sensor technology, security technology and the entire range of photonics. Products from these industries can be found in almost all areas of life and will permanently change the industrial future in Germany in the coming years. The industry's biggest problem at present is the acute shortage of skilled workers. Graduates of the past years successfully started their professional lives in various areas of optical technologies in companies or research institutions. In the future, too, if you successfully complete your studies, the conditions for an interesting and well-paid job will be extraordinarily favourable for you, especially for the training-integrating course of studies in Laser and Optotechnologies.


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